Ford BA XR6 Ute Exhaust

Ford BA XR6 Ute Exhaust 2.5" Stainless Steel Cat Back with 3" tips

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Ba XR6 exhaust
Here's my 04 BA XR6 5 speed manual. 2 1/2" mild steel Herrod cat back, High flow cat and Pacemaker 4495 extractors. F6 air box with K&N panel filter. This is the start of another video I will be making.

2003 Ford Falcon BA XR6 Non-Turbo 0-100 km/h

Auxiliary Input Bluetooth Installation Ford Falcon Mobile Audio with $15
The entire project cost about $15. I avoided buying the terminals and cables and tapped into the car input terminal using wires, and it works perfectly. The Bluetooth is 2.1 and has a range of ~6m more than good enough.

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