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Saab 90 Drive
Short drive around central Scotland's countryside in my 1985 Saab 90. Twin carburettors have been fitted and stainless steel Exhaust. Sorry about the road surface.

Saab 90 1985 (Walk around & Exhaust)
My Saab 90. Did some light restoration work during the winter and now ready for the summer.

My own 1984 Saab 90!
The former owner of my Saab 90 had created a slideshow with some music. At the last seconds of this movie, it said "R.I.P. 1984-2007". Every time I see that video, I keep getting goosebumps... Now, i have decided to create a similar movie, to tell everyone that this 1984 Saab 90 still drives! Former owner sold the car due to some issues that were a little expensive. I bought the car, fixed the issues, and drive already 2 years with it! Bought this Saab 90 with 248.000km. Now, in 2 years, I drove it to 289.000+km! Wanna bet that I can and WILL drive it to 500.000+? ;-) I even gave her a name; Fleur. (French for flower). note; didn`t put music in it because of youtube copyright crap.