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G6 GXP Cherry Bomb drive-by

Cherry Bomb split Exhaust. 40mph roll. ENJOY!


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SMART car crash (TEST)

Pontiac G6 GT Exhaust
Mod of my Exhaust....sounds a little ricey on here but its really not you have to hear it to understand :) Also I have added an air intake system to it since then so it sounds even better now!

Pontiac G6 GTP Cherry Bomb glasspacks exhaust
my 2006 pontiac g6 GTP with 2 cherry bomb glasspacks. 12" and resonator delete

My G6 gt with straight pipe. Nice Sound!!

2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP exhaust
Classic chambered powerstick muffler

How to Choose the Right Cherry Bomb Muffler
This video walks you through the entire Cherry Bomb line-up of mufflers, from the Vortex to the Pro to the famous red Glasspack.

Bonneville GXP
2004 Bonneville GXP with Northstar V8, Cherry Bomb mufflers.

02 Nissan Maxima vs Pontiac G6 GXP
Co-worker wanted to see what the Max would do against the Maxima. 2002 6spd Maxima: Headers, 3" Exhaust, spacers, BOP, UD Pulley, Custom SRI, SPEC Stage II Clutch, Fidanza Flywheel, Custom Intake Manifold, Haltech tune. vs Pontiac G6 GXP (Stock-dont know year) Friendly runs between Domestic and Import car lovers. He got a ignorant Pontiac Trans-AM that would have wiped the floor with the Maxima though. We'll see how the Trans-AM does against my Maxima when it's turboed! STAY TUNED!

2008 Pontiac G6 Custom Exhaust
Dynomax Super turbo Muffler Cherrybomb Glasspack (replacing resonator) Cherrybomb 4" Exhaust Tips www.G6Performance.com www.ForeverPontiac.com

G6 GXP Open Headers
Drive By Open Headers 3" DP with GMPP Resonator, Catless

G6 GXP Small Clip
I was just testing out windows movie maker and i wanted to make a small clip of my car. hope you enjoy

08 G6 Cherry Bomb exhaust
DO NOT BUY FLOWMASTERS FOR G6's! SINGLE CHAMBER ONLY! OR FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT CALL IT ABSORPTION MUFFLERS. These Cherry Bombs are 12" length and increased sound dramatically compared to the Flowmasters that I had. Please comment and rate.

G6 GXP Magnaflow Exhaust Clip
This is my GXP Street Edition with just the magnaflows at the time.

08 G6 GXP vs 2010 Cobalt SS (pt.1)
I was tired of my brother running his mouth so i had to go out and waste some gas on him...check out

Pontiac G6 Exhaust 80 series Flowmaster
Batmobile Exhaust cold start. 80 series flowmaster dual Exhaust sound

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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