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nitro start up

starting nitro motor in mates backyard


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Home made 4-cam hemi fire up #2
This fire up was to test the clutch. The idea is that you set the clutch to slip at a certain RPM, not only so it will not spin the tires at the hit, but so you can control the car to get it into reverse after the burn out and stage the car. You want to have just enough drag to where if your hand is off the brake the car will creep, but not so much that the brakes won't hold the car. You also want to be able to bring the RPMs to the point where the motor runs clean so when you hit it the motor picks right up instantly rather than having to catch up with the volume of fuel you're dumping in there; or worse, gag and die on the line because you're dumping more fuel in than it's ready to handle. Tommy was told to set it up so it will launch at 3000 rpm, so that's what I was zinging it up to in this video. It's kinda eerie. The car starts shaking and really changing tune. You can see Tommy come over and depress the clutch pedal, lock it, and then try to get the clutch to slip by using the handbrake... which if you notice, the tires aren't slowing down and smoke is just pouring out of the brakes. We also found on this run that the tach in the car is off by 100%. I was twisting it at 3000 according to the temporary tach in the seat, and the one on the control panel was bouncing around 6000. No wonder we hurt the motor last time out at the track. Tommy launched it at what he thought was 2500 RPM and it was obviously more like 1250, so that explains why the motor hydraulicked and hurt the bottom end. Back to the drawing board. We made some adjustments to the clutch and tried it again with much better results. but a 3000 launch rpm just seems awfully high. He ended up making a few phone calls and the Skuza's told him to set it up to launch at 2200 RPM. Much better on my nerves at least! I can't imagine having to do this on a 90% load of nitro... I'd better have my life insurance paid up. So we'll try it again tomorrow. BTW- the truck tires on the back are just to be able to get it to fit into the trailer, obviously when we're at the track we have full size slicks on it.

vintage nitro car warm-up

Nitro fuel motor start up.
Star of the show. Fuel motor start up at 1st annual Nazarene Church Car Show. Crowd favorite.

More nitro RC car bashing
a few of us with our nitro rc cars at a skate park.

GS Vision with .18 Toki Nitro Engine
GS Vision with .18 Toki Nitro Engine - it flies!!

Nitro Nostalgia Funny Cars, March Meet 2007
http://www.DragRacingTV.com/ Nostalgia funny car drag racing from the 2007 Bakersfield March Meet. This is the final and semi-final rounds of eliminations. These cars are part of the Nostalgia Funny Car Association.

Ian Woods Sprintcar Donuts
One of my Favorite Clips... Ian Woods Does Donuts at the expression session during The Krikke Boys Shootout 2006 in Western Australia. Visit Me at www.ovaltrack.net for all your Speedway Info & Forums.

350z RC Drifting
1/10 350z Rc Drifting on asphalt with drift tires. No D-Box

drag boat motor
Drag boat motor 468 blown

How To Start A Nitro Engine
More Videos @ http://www.rccaraction.com RC Car Action Magazine Editor Kevin Hetmanski shows us how to properly start a nitro engine.

Drag Racing-Nitro4 Startup
Drag Racing Nitro 4 cyl. VW type engine Startup

amazing mini motor
this is a miniature V-8 motor that a guy made in his free time. it was all built on CNC machines and is hand made. it runs on nitro fuel and is supercharged. if u want to know more there is a website i can give u that has this and many other projects that he has been working on

Worlds Smallest Running Chevy V-8
Newest video of the 1/6th scale Moyer Made Chevy V-8 based on a 327 cu in Corvette Motor. Everything is to scale, yes even the spark plugs and distributor. See more at http://www.moyermade.com .

Ever thrown a rod? how about a block?
HUGE engine explosion at a tractor pull event. the block is literally blown out of the engine bay and lands onto the ground next to the tractor. as far as catastrophic faliure goes, this is as bad as it gets.

Drag Racing 2010 - Top Fuel - Quarterfinals - NitrOlympX Hockenheim
The Top Fuel Quarterfinals. Unfortunately the last time we saw those monsters in racing action on that Sunday. We saw them a second time lined up in the pre-start, but then quickly covered as the final rain set in later that afternoon. Allrighty, the pairings for the last round of groundshaking Top Fuel action at 25th anniversary NitrOlympX in Hockenheim. However it was a very special session for Jarry Halinen, as he joined "Europe's 4-sec club" with a new personal best of 4.97/470. Congratulations! Janne Ahonen vs. Stig Neergaard Jari Halinen vs. Andy Carter Timo Lehtimäki (broke; malfire while firing up ) vs. Anita Mäkelä Urs Erbacher vs. Risto Poutiainen Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RMAs-Amateur-Footage/189618134401951

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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