nitro start up

starting nitro motor in mates backyard

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Top Fuel dragster warm up
Warm up of Brandon Bernstiens dragster in Brainerd in 2006. Sorry about being shaky, anyone that has experenced a start up knows why. I was trying to cover my nose.

drift rc,meeting
vidéo drift rc, rencontre du 05/08/2007

my custom build twin engine rc monster truck 3
Here is my first really big project.(before I build my real dune buggy) Its a custom build twin engine monster truck, totally made from the highest quality 7075 aluminum. powered by two XTM 24-7 pro engines (over 2,5 hp each). The acceleration is sick as you can see in this video. I built it 2003-2004 when I was 16 years old. Total cost 30 000 SEK or $4000

RC Twin Turbine Mystic C5000 Powerboat - Miss Longlite - Brutal Fast!
Big Mhz Mystic C5000, equipped with twin jetcat turbines. This boat is crazy brutal fast! Technical Details: Length: 1850 mm (72.8inch) Width: 490 mm (19.3 inch) Approximate Internal Width Sponson 141 mm (5.6 inch) Approximate Internal Depth Sponson 160 mm (6.3 inch) RC functions: Rudder, Speed Control Electric: 2 x Lehner 2280 to 3080 Cell : 30 - 40 cells sub C such as RC2400 or GP3300 or 10s to 12s lipo. Gas: 2 x MHZ 26 Blue line with counter-rotation set, RCMK NR and CR Turbine: Jetcat SPM-5 and SPM-5R Thanks for watching and please subscribe.