METATROPH HONDA CIVIC 98'1400cc 98HP SE 1600cc TYPE-R 187HP B16B

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Swap B16B Honda Physique civic type R Merci Jo et Kevin
Swap B16B Honda Physique civic type R Quebec montreal www.hondaphysique.com

Civic Type R B16B Open Headers
Music: Tiestos club life 377. Seven Lions feat. Kerli - Worlds Apart Em1 Coupe B16B swap in 1 day thanks to my main man Mike. Heres a quick video of the engine coming back to life, as well as a first test drive with open headers. Few 9000RPM rips in this video, Stay tunes for more B16B videos,

Honda civic b20b problem
Dont mind my shitty video i have been having problems for the last 3 weeks, I came off the highway and my car was running at its normal temperature (My fan doesnt work so i dont idle for long) and my car just died when i shifted into 2 so i shifted into 3rd and it started again so i went straight to my work (2 minutes away) and shut the car off. MY car now runs like shit. MY starter arcs to my block, i replaced cap and rotor, tps sensor, map sensor and have had 2 shops look at it. NO vacum leaks from the intake. My timming in perfect and plugs and wires are new. Please if anyone knows what my problems is or has had the same problem let me know My car is iddling very poorly and is over fuelling, running really rich? black smoke outta the Exhaust but it isnt oil, Car is not burning oil but my plugs went from white to black after idling for 5 minutes? to much fuel? Fuel pressure is 45psi and normal, IF ANYONE NEEDS MORE INFO OR IS ANY OF THAT DIDNT MAKE SENSE JUST MESSAGE ME, I REALLY WANT TO FIX MY CAR I MISS THE POWER SHE HAD... :'(

JDMHonda EK4 having some fun on the street ! Keep it in the street the old guy said !