My 68 Firebird Restoration Part 58

Painted My Car!! 2 coats of sealer, 3 coats of base, and 2 coats of matted clear

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My 68 Firebird Restoration Part 59
Getting bumpers preped for paint

My 68 Firebird Restoration Part 57
Carbon fiber test panel and getting the car ready for paint

Gas Monkey Garage Paint Tips: Spraying Matte Clear
You see him every money night from the Gas Monkey Garage painting the creations that Richard Rawlings buys and Aaron Kaufman makes. Each car built and painted by the Monkey's is sprayed exclusively with De Beer.

Rustoleum flat black paint job
Painted my 1968 ford LTD flat black with Rustoleum paint sprayed. Before and after made a big difference let me know your thoughts