Police KTM X-Bow R Ride Hot Laps Around Monaco !

Official Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/WorldSupercarsYouTube This is a MTM tuned KTM X-Bow R, fully made of carbon fiber. It's an Austrian one, that is used by their gendarmerie to chase cars. The telephone in front of me just calls the chief of the Austrian police ! The Audi engine developes 315hp and the car only weights 800kg. So 0-100 takes about 3.5 s. The experience is awesome, partly because the car is very light and mostly because it has no windscreen ! So free brushing for anyone who rides it ! Remember it has no ABS, not any electronic helps to the driver. On the second lap, we have been arrested by the police because he was speeding too much ! Just a warning (from a Monaco co-worker :D) Enjoy !

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