Ice T and Coco unveil Bentley at DUB Show - The guys at HARD LifeStyle showed up to present Ice with his "Murder Red" Bentley GT. This car rocked the show, look for it in DUB magazine SOON! HARD Celebrity Projects HARD 3-D Images

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Ice T talkin Raw about his ONYX Bentley GTO
ONYX Concept & Ice T talkin Raw about his Bentley GTO

Coco Austin Gets Vajazzled (Yes, Really) With Us
Bling bling, baby! Coco Austin is trying out the hottest beauty trends for Us Weekly Video in our brand-new exclusive digital series Out of This World With Coco Austin. Watch as Coco gets vajazzled in our second episode, as seen in the video above! | Subscribe for more:

Coco & Ice T daughter Chanel πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Š
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Coco's cool Villa in Los Cabos
While vacationing at Los Cabos Capella Resort in Mexico take a peak at Ice and I's casita right on the beach with its own pool...We stayed a whole 8 days along with Sparatcus my bulldog son..HaHa