Loton Park Hillclimb Peugeot 306 gti-6 August 2010

This is me in my 306 gti-6 at Loton Park HIllclimb on 1st August 2010. Racing in class 1b. This was the 2nd time i had been at Loton Park - the first time being the previous day. This 1st timed run was a 68.73 which was enough to put me in 3rd place out of a class of 10. But i messed it up on the second time run, putting me in 5th place, missing out on 4th and 3rd place by .06 and .13 of a second!!! Was nice to be challenging the 205's though. A double driven Lotus Elise was the clear class winner though with a winning time of 61.46!

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Chris Aspinall losing it at Loton Park in-car: 25 September 2011
...and it was all going so well until the exit of Triangle... Co-driving Clive Austin's OMS 2000M-HN. No harm done and to be fair he managed a 50.85 earlier in the weekend having never driven the car at Loton before!

Onboard camera from Loton Park
Incar footage filmed courtesy of Brayspeed. Unfortunately I missed my change into 3rd going up the Cedar straight and lost quite a bit of time, otherwise a fairly committed run (61.74) - finished 3rd in class.

Loton Park Hillclimb Sept 2013 Evo 5 Twincharger, New Class Record
My T1 run from Loton Park Hillclimb on a dry Sunday morning. New class record 53.80s - with a hangover

Peugeot 306 GTi-6 small test
Po testu RCZ jsme testli i naši 306 GTI-6 :-)