Silverado 5.7 with X-pipe no mufflers

new x-pipe installed. i think it sounds great, all deep rumble & not much popping.

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1979 Malibu 3" x pipe no mufflers
Mild 350 Comp XE274 flowtech 1 5/8 long tubes with universal flowtech 3" X pipe no mufflers with side dumps

2 1/2" H Pipe install 1996-2000 5.7L Vortec
Walker Dynomax 2 1/2" H Pipe.

z71 straight pipe
its straight pipe y pipe with hi-flo cat, but its alright

2014 Silverado muffler delete
5.3L engine. Just had the shop remove the muffler and install a piece of straight pipe. Cheap option. Doesn't have a drone inside cab and can barely here it when cruising but sounds great wide open.