Silverado 5.7 with X-pipe no mufflers

new x-pipe installed. i think it sounds great, all deep rumble & not much popping.

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z71 straight pipe
its straight pipe y pipe with hi-flo cat, but its alright

Big Block Chevelle w/ Spin Tech mufflers & X pipe
The sweet sound of a 468 cid big Chevy through a 3.5" X pipe and a pair of Spin Tech Truck/RV mufflers.

1997 F150 Magnaflow Cats, X-Pipe, True Duals, No Mufflers
My Ford F-150 Truck with Magnaflow high flow cats, X-Pipe, true duals w/ no mufflers. A little quieter since I added the X-Pipe.

Chevrolet K1500 5.7L Vortec Straight Pipe Exhaust idle & take off
This is a quick vid I made of the Exhaust system on my Silverado. It's true dual straight pipe with the cats. All custom welded, no clamps. Sorry I didn't show a clip of me flooring it, I was originally shooting this video for something else, but I thought the Exhaust sounded nice so what the hell, just made it into this. Sorry for the shaky camera, my girlfriend was shooting the video, so at least she tried, lol. Enjoy!