Turbo 5.3L Trans Am 1/8th mile @ Winterport Dragway

turbo Trans AM with a 5.3L junkyard motor out of a 110k mile Tahoe.

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turbo 5.3 s-10 8.94 @154
18lbs of Boost on a stock 5.3. 3250 lbs

Turbo 5.3l Camaro SS Vs Supercharged Trans Am WS6
6 speed Trans Am on 10psi with Magnuson Supercharger against Camaro SS with a On3 76mm turbo on 7psi with auto turbo350. 1st run was a 25 roll and the transam spun. 2nd was a 45 roll and the Camaro over heated afterwards trying to brake Boost.

Mighty 700hp Pontiac TRANS AM Race Winner
Roger Bolliger's PONTIAC TRANS AM

Turbo 5.3 Camaro Vs 150 Shot Trans Am
76mm turbo 5.3 Iron Block Camaro Vs Bolt-On 150-Shot LS1 T/A from a dig. WOT switch on T/A crapped out on the first race so had to bypass it to a manual switch and run again.