Yamaha XJ 900

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Yamaha XJ900F Xj 900 Pre-Diversion Seca

MOCNEJ ZVUK -Yamaha XJ 900(1995)

Yamaha XJ900 F HPI clear £1 Start XJ 900
Estimated sale price £700.00 -- £1000.00 This is an all round good bike with a hand full of minor faults. There is no serious work to be done. It is a UK model that has been sitting around unused for a while, and the machine must now be sold, so the bike is entered in to this auction for a quick disposal. The videos in this description are intended to give you an idea of the wear and tear, and any defects that I have found, whilst examining and testing the bike. If you cut and paste the title in to ebay you should find the item if, it is still listed.

Yamaha XJ 900 F
Mein Alltagsmotorrad: Yamaha XJ 900 F BJ: 1989 PS: 98