North Carolina Bats

Bats in North Carolina??? a bat i found in the attic of my garage, first one i seen in 11 years at my place

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Bat Removal Using One Way Door - Charlotte, NC
This is recent footage in Charlotte, North Carolina of a bat exclusion job where bats were getting into the attic gable vent. We were able to safely remove the bats using a bat excluder. For a free over the phone bat removal analysis give General Pest Co. a call 704-777-8003 or check us out on the web at or

Getting Rid of Bats from Charlotte, NC Attic
An integral part of permanently getting rid of bats from an attic in Charlotte, North Carolina is to seal up every gap. In this clip we are using 100 percent pure silicone to exclude bats from the roof returns, gable rises and roof-line junctions. If you pay close attention you can get some good tips on how to measure a gable vent before installing the hardware cloth. For all of your bat removal needs you can contact us by email or by phone 704-777-8003. Also please check us out on the web at or

Tiny Baby BAT Rescue - M13
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ACRES Wildlife Rescue Team: Reuniting a lost baby bat with his mother!
Be inspired by this rare footage of an adult fruit bat sweeping in to the rescue of her lost baby bat. The baby bat was found lost and stranded almost two hours prior to this reunion it was amazing to see that the parent was around the area and was so quick to pick up on her baby's calls for help and fly around us. It took her about 2 minutes to get to her baby as she flew in circles trying to accurately pinpoint where her baby was and negotiate her way to him. We stayed a distance away as we watched in excitement hoping for the reunion to be a success. We thank Mr Joel Guglietta for his genuine concern and eagerness to help us in ensuring that the baby bat is safely contained prior to our arrival. Every animal is important to us and we hope this video will highlight how wonderful these animals are and how a little help can go a long way in making sure that they stay safe. Do help us to share this video and visit us at or call our 24/7 wildlife rescue hotline at 97837782 if you need our assistance. Music by e-soundtrax: