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Продам Hyundai Getz 1.1 MPI, 2006 р.в.

http://www.maklera.net - фото видео объявления и публикации на карте. Продам Hyundai Getz 1.1 MPI, 2006 р.в., ABS, 2 подушки безпеки, електро підйомники, гідропідсилювач і регулювання керма, свіжопригнаний з Іспанії 9 місяців в Україні.


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Track Day with Team Linkage, first timed session, Hyundai Getz 1.1 engine, Getzclub Track Day Team
First timed session dated Sept 12, 2010 @ Subic International Raceway, my performance mods are... Bosch Super 4 for Spark Plugs Goodyear RS Sport for tires supplied by Danby Yaptingchay of WRG Advanti Lightweight Rims supplied by Jethro "The Pinsan" Mendoza Simota Dragun Filter (cold air intake kit), installed by WRG Gearhead gurus (Danby Yaptingchay and Mark Villapando) Jomars Chambered Muffler 1.75in Asahi High Tension Ignition Wires, customized by Danby Yaptingchay and Mark Villapando of WRG Repsol Elite Competicion 5W40 racing oil, sponsored by Repsol Philippines c/o Jonathan "Little John" Chio Ultra Racing front upper and front lower strut bars Pivot Spark Earth wiring Timed for both fast laps are 1:02:68 and 1:02:26

Проект "Вторичка": обзор Hyundai Getz // АвтоВести 114
Обзор подержанных автомобилей класса Б. В этом выпуске - Артём Красулин изучал слабые места хэтчбека Hyundai Getz 2008 г.в. Полную версию программы - смотрите на http://auto.vesti.ru

Продам Renault Kangoo 1.9 D, 2001 р.в.
http://www.maklera.net - фото видео объявления и публикации на карте. Renault Kangoo 1.9 D, 2001 р.в., подушки безпеки, ABS, центральний замок. Є комплект зимньої резини на дисках, стойки та кулаки під реставрацію вартістю 250 у.о.

Продам Daewoo Sens 1.3 і, 2007 р.в.
http://www.maklera.net - фото видео объявления и публикации на карте. Автомобіль Daewoo Sens 1.3 і, 2007 р.в., не була в таксі, один власник, MP3 магнітола.

Track Day with Team Linkage, second timed session, Hyundai Getz 1.1 engine, Getzclub Track Day Team
1:00:85...1.1 Engine! Thanks to Danby Yaptinchay and Mark Villapando of WRG for their expertise, repair, fabrication, installation of great parts and their shop crew know how... Kudos to Master BI and UMU Senior Jethro "The Pinsan" Mendoza for the rims To the big guy, Jonathan "Little John" Chio of Repsol Philippines, super thanks for the fantastic racing oil, Repsol Elite Competicion 5W40 Carl Payumo of Mazdatech, for the great tip on the Exhaust sourcing. Best timed session for the whole day : 1:01:86 and 1:00:85...

Продам Opel Combo 1.7 CDTI, 2005 р.в.
http://www.maklera.net - фото видео объявления и публикации на карте. Продам автомобіль Opel Combo 1.7 CDTI, 2005 р.в., повний фарш, крім шкіри і кондиціонера. В Україні 8 місяців.

Hyundai Getz - Новогодний СТУК
Запись 02.01.2012. С момента замены масла прошел месяц с небольшим. Пробег 35000.

Hyundai Getz - Car Review
Full car review of the 2008 Hyundai Getz

2006 Hyundai Getz
http://www.toowongmitsubishi.com.au Hyundai Getz TB MY06 Space Silver 4 Speed Automatic Hatchback

2008 Hyundai Atos Prime 1.1 GLS Comfort Full Review,Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour
For more in depth reviews check my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/avtomobil... Filmed by: Tomaž Kožar Jesenice Packaged under different names in different countries (Santro, Atoz, Amica), the 2008 Hyundai Atos remains a popular city car due to its small footprint and even smaller turning radius. This five-door boxy hatch was designed to maneuver into the tiniest of parking spaces. At only 140 inches in length (349.5 cm), the 2008 Atos nevertheless fits four people in two rows. The straight-up shape means plenty of headroom, even with a sportier redesign that added a bit of slope and a rear spoiler to the roofline. Elbow room is another matter, however, since the 2008 Atos remains taller than it is wide. As the smallest car in the Hyundai lineup, the 2008 Atos performs admirably around town. Its 1.1-liter I4 engine delivers around 62-hp and can hit top speeds of 90 mph (145 km/h). City and highway fuel economy averages around 35/50 mpg. The front-wheel drive subcompact comes in various trims in its various incarnations around the world, but base models start simply -- air conditioning, power steering, and power front windows, but no radio, no ABS brakes, and no airbags. These get added up the line, though the airbags are limited to driver only. The tiny 13-inch wheels not only look like they belong on a clown car, but some say they are inadequate on slick roads. In its lifespan, the Atos has earned top marks in terms of the job for which it was built. Drivers say it is pretty zippy around the city, thanks to a lightweight body and light steering. Gas mileage, ease of parking, and the low price are other big draws. Low marks go to poor brakes, bad road grip in wet conditions, a slushy gearbox, and a noisy ride.Apparently named after the A To Z map book youll need to navigate large cities, the Atoz is a city car par excellence. But then so, it could be argued, are any number of other tiny cars from both Asia and Europe. Why buy a used Atoz? Firstly, you may need ultimate utility five doors, acceptable interior space and the narrowness thats handy in the urban sprawl. Secondly, you may want something that faintly resembles a car in appearance, unlike the extreme eggbox shapes of the Suzuki Wagon R+ or Daihatsu Move. If this is the case, a used Atoz makes a good bet. If the styling is still somewhat too sit-up-and-beg for your liking, the newer but mechanically similar Hyundai Amica may fit the bill. For a growing number of British customers however, the Atoz has been the answer to their particular requirements. Powered by a willing 1. 0-litre powertrain, the Atoz is not as hopeless as one might expect on the open road, although free-flowing motorways are not its forte. Still, if you place yourself in the middle of any big UK city and consider how many miles youd need to drive before the Atoz felt a bit exposed in this respect, youd appreciate the logic in searching down a decent used one. With the Atoz you get a small, rather high rise, but nonetheless quite attractive little city car. Theres not a great deal to choose between the base model and the Atoz+ bar specification differences. The Atoz+ gets an airbag, alloy wheels, air conditioning, central locking and electric front windows. For equipment, practicality and on pricing, it beats a Fiat Seicento or SEAT Arosa hands down. The Atoz Midas special edition is worth a look, coming equipped with gold mica paintwork, a CD player, rear spoiler, unique alloy wheels and body-coloured bumpers, side mouldings and tailgate handle. Its worth pointing out at this point one item that you dont get with the Atoz and thats ABS. In wet conditions the brakes easily overcome the modest grip afforded by the tiny tyres. Whilst its not dangerous per se, it is something thats worth bearing in mind if youve only ever driven ABS-equipped cars. Prices for the Atoz start at around £2,000 for a 1998 R registered base model. Add £200 for semi automatic versions and a further £100 for the three-speed auto. The Atoz+ starts at £2,150 for the manual on the same 1998 R plate, price differentials being similar for semi auto and full auto options. A 1999 T registered Atoz Midas special edition is worth £2,400 against an equivalent £2,300 for the Atoz+ on which it is based. Insurance for the Atoz range is predictably cheap. The base models and Atoz+ fall into group 2, while the Midas edition soars into group 3. As you may well expect, not a great deal goes wrong with the Atoz. It has one of the better 1.0-litre engines and dealers report that reliability to date has been excellent. As with any small city car check for parking bumps and scrapes, especially as the Atoz may well have been purchased as a first car after passing the driving test.



Hyundai i20 Video Review - CarAdvice.in
Hello, http://CarAdvice.in Presents a comprehensive review of the new Hyundai i20 Premium Small Car. Leave your comments

Hyundai Getz тест драйв.m4v
Hyundai, test-drive, testdrive, тест-драйв, тест драйв, Azerbaijan, Russia, Азербайджан, Россия

Ваз 2112 Часть 18.Строим 200-сильный "атмо".
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