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Ari Vatanen's huge near miss! In Car Manx Rally 1983
If you've ever wondered what its like to drive a rally car at speed, this is your chance! Race the first days stages of the 1983 Rothmans Manx International with renowned rally expert Ari Vatanen and co-driver Terry Harryman reading the pace notes. Revealing in-car camera footage provides gripping viewing as they negotiate the twists and turns in foggy and wet conditions, capturing some dramatic moments in their Opel Manta 400 rally car. During one section Vatanen clips the wall at speed, spectacularly puncturing a tyre but they continue to drive on as rubber shreds from the wheel rims! A review of this documentary in Autosport sums it up nicely... "Despite the speeds, the specially designed camera holds a perfect picture throughout ...make sure you get a copy of In-Car Manx. It's terrific." Available on DVD - Or included in our 'In Car Manx /RAC Rally Download' just £4.99 - --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Subscribe to our channel: We're on INSTAGRAM: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER:

A ride with Ari Vatanen
A wee burn with Ari at the Rally of Otago

1983 Manx Rally SS16 / Ari Vatanen
Opel Manta 400

1994 Rothmans Rally of New Zealand. Ari Vatanen rollover.
1994 Rothmans Rally of New Zealand Crews include. J. Kankkunen N. Grist Car 1 Toyota Celica (ST185). C. McRae. D. Ringer Car 2 Subaru Impreza. M. Biasion T. Siviero Car 3 Ford Escort (Mk5) A. Schwarz K. Wicha Car4 Mitsubishi Lancer. D. Auriol B. Occelli Car 5 Toyota Celica (ST185).C. Sainz L. Moya Car 6 Subaru Impreza A. Vatanen F. Pons Car 7 Ford Escort (Mk5) K. Eriksson S. Parmander Car 8 Mitsubishi Lancer Y. Fujimoto A. Hertz Car 9 Toyota Celica (ST185) P. Bourne T. Sircombe Car 10 Subaru Impreza R. Burns R. Reid Car 11Subaru Impreza. Filmed by Dean McLardy with Steve Beaufoy in support.