Torana Brock Bathurst

Torana Brock Bathurst 2004

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Torana Brock Bathurst 2
On your request for no music and the origional sound plus some new stuff from the Latham Reed A9X and Brock Torana

Bathurst 1985 - Peter Brock Catching Up - exciting footage for Holden lovers!
I remember this like yesterday.....Without a doubt the period 1985 to 1993 was a very exciting period. Group A was tops - a key ingredient being multiple manufacturers (and classes) competing.

Peter Brock Tribute at Bathurst 2006

Bathurst 1000 Crashes: 1990-2004
Crashes throughout the history of the Bathurst 1000. This video shows the accidents from 1990-2004. Clips are from and various YouTube clips.