Torana Brock Bathurst

Torana Brock Bathurst 2004

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Peter Brock Bathurst 1979, Last Lap in the A9X.
The legendary last lap of the 1979 Bathurst enduro. Peter Brock takes the race win by a massive six lap lead, setting a new lap record on this final lap. Enjoy this great sporting moment...

Brocky in an A9X vs GTS/R Skyline
The late Peter Brock in a Group C A9X Torana vs one of Rod Marklands former Skaife/Richards Group A HR31 GTS/R Skylines. A great battle with some great sideways action from the Legend.

Death of a Torana
Not a good way to end the day.....................

1979 BATHURST Peter Brock's Hardies Hero Lap
Rare footage from our 1979 pre-race build up footage which was the end of an era, Peter Brock's last year at Bathurst with the A9X two door Torana, he was simply uncatchable! Plus a tribute to Ivan Stibbard ARDC who garnered an impeccable reputation as the chief administrator of Australia's greatest motor race, the Bathurst 1000 with a rare interview with none other than . Motor racing is an international language.