Neon srt-4 vs k20 turbo

SRT: 3" downpipe + intake K20: Greddy turbo + ??? 60 roll.

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5252Productions Matt's K20 Coupe Vs Pedros SRT-4
Lockin shit up in TRINIDAD!

k24 turbo vs srt4 and b20vtec vs gti
buddys k24 turbo civic on 6psi vs a srt4 on 22psi. b20vtec civic vs gti 3'' downpipe intake and revo stage 2 tune on 18psi. supercharged cavvy 11psi

SRT-4 Stage 1 vs Honda Civic Si k20
60 roll Srt-4 has stage 1, intake, 3'' downpipe K20 Honda Civic Si Mugen looking clone

SRT 4 vs EVO 8
Team T.O.S Srt 4 vs EVO 8 With mods,there were three races where for a mile and from a 40 roll,we race mile marker to mile marker or exit to exit ...EVO 8 mods,20G turbo,BFMIC,hks bov ad pipe,I was told he was Boosting bout 25 PSI,CAI,Exhaust,IC Pipe,carbon fender and some other bolt on......SRT 4 stage 3 turbo and Boost 20 psi