lexus Soarer in uk, B,ham

my 2.5 twin turbo jet black soarer

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Soarer Cruise 2006 Vic

Toyota/Lexus Soarer/SC tribute

Toyota / Lexus Soarer Twin-Turbo GTT-L - Superior Syd
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Soarer 0 - 180 times
2.7 sec to 60 5.3 sec to 100 8.3 sec to 140 12.7 sec to 180 (speed limited) Might not sound like much but rather than factory quoted times these are real life road times and my car had done alot of k's as you can see still origional 1jz as far as I know. I started on the edge of the road where there was some loose gravel on the bitchumen which didn't help my corse but it was a fast Soarer :) I miss the car already, only sold it last week for $7200 :(