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Winter car crashes. Tractor trailers and buses sliding on ice roads. Cars sliding on ice. Winter Driving fails. Ice and snow car crashes. Official VIDSTORM Playlist - NWJCMaZj Please like and subscribe for more :)

Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #4 - Black Ice !
This is the 4th video with black ice, snow, and ice on the roads of Russia. Please Subscribe, Like and Comment! Take this as a learning tool, ice an snow, combined with black ice, is VERY dangerous and can cause serious road accidents. Car accidents, truck accidents, and you name it! This compilation is #4 ... And I hope to make a #5 Soon! so stay tuned for that! :)

Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #14 - Black Ice !
This is the 14th video in the series, due to popular demand! This video features car crash accidents on black ice. These roads covered in snow are extremely dangereous to drive, yet some russians don't understand the consequences of driving too fast, especially with big trucks on the road!

Winter Car Crashes Compilation #6 - Black Ice
These are some of the craziest black ice, and snow car crashes you will see recorded ever! These crashes on icy roads are mainly due to speeding though! Please subscribe, like and comment!