Turbo Mustang

Speedy Jr. testing.

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1270rwhp Turbo Mustang Coupe

20 psi street driving
Going to work, just some street driving video, car runs and drive like stock until you hit the gas. 720 p video out of Droid X

Fox-body 5.0 Mustangs - E303, F303 & B303 Cams, Flowmaster Exhaust - "the soundtrack of the '90s"
This was the sound back in the '90s... the sweet sound of the conventional 5.0 liter H.O 302ci stuffed with a larger lift & duration cam and matched with an off road H-pipe (or X-pipe) and Flowmaster cat-back... simply beautiful. Some old footage of mine and a couple friend's 5-liter Mustangs from way back in the dayl.... and featuring Ford Motorsports E303 cam, F303 cam and B303 cam and Flowmaster cat-backs. Come on now, you gotta give it up... what sounds better (besides a 4-valve Cobra maybe ??? lol) The sweet sound of a 4" bore - 3" stroke 5.0 liter H.O motor. Produced by nedaCFilms & http://www.Mustang-Town.com

Badass Diesel Turbo RAT ROD Pickup
It's not fast, it's not pretty, but it's FUN AS HELL... Rollin coal down the highway towing his camper trailer, it's quite the sight to see! Take a tour of Troy Gubser's turbo Diesel rat rod pickup! This thing sure has character, and it's a blast to roll around in! Footage from the Nebraska Diesel Show 2014