My 1974 Chevy Nova SS

About 13 years ago I fell inloved with this car. Summer of this year I became the owner of this beauty.

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takin my buddy's 74 nova ss home part 2
takin my buddy's nova home part 2

74 Chevy Nova SS Diesel Dually 4X4 Pigeon Forge Rod Run
A 1974 Chevrolet Nova SS I shot at the Pigeon Forge Rod Run 2015....This show is known to bring in some unusual builds.....But a 47 Nova on a Dodge 3500 Dually 4X4 running gear... Is a first....Now this build is not just a quick Body swap.....This build took some time and thought...and a little money I'm guessing....Very cool...Check it out!!!...For more coverage of this show visit The coolest Cars on the Web!!!

1974 NOVA SS (THE BRAT) SMOKES OUT NEWFOUNDLAND. Now that was when it had a 350 small bloc..Now it's got a 434 Dart Bloc Motor with over 800 hp and not even NOS'd Yet

1969 Chevy Camaro & 1974 Chevy Nova SS
Check out these two awesome muscle cars! A 1969 Camaro and a 1974 Nova SS (clone). Both cars run great and look awesome. Great for weekend cruising. Bring back the good ole days of crusin with muscle.