My 1974 Chevy Nova SS

About 13 years ago I fell inloved with this car. Summer of this year I became the owner of this beauty.

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1974 Chevy Nova
74 nova custom project car 90% completed, 350 4 brl new wire harness, new brakes duel Exhaust reupholsters new carpet and headliner, runs great. - See more at: #sthash.w8GbAsDn.dpuf

5.3 Turbo LSx Fairmont launch and axle breakage.......
Went out to "Da Invasion of Louisiana" yesterday at No Problem Raceway, a big grudge event. The track was packed and I waited all day to make a pass. Goldmember got all kids of attention all day, so I wanted to put on a good show. I sat at the beams and spooled it up, but as soon as I launched it, it hooked, chattered hard and then spun hard. Unfortunately, it was only spinning the left wheel, clearly an indication that an axle, or the diff (which is welded) let go. I made it home, but it was pulling hard under throttle. I am going to do a 33 spline spool this time around and be done for good.

1968 Chevy Nova -
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1974 NOVA SS (THE BRAT) SMOKES OUT NEWFOUNDLAND. Now that was when it had a 350 small bloc..Now it's got a 434 Dart Bloc Motor with over 800 hp and not even NOS'd Yet