Vance & Hines Sound FAT BOY 08

Vance & Hines BIg Radius + Super tuner + Air filter High Performance

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09 HARLEY FATBOY vance & hines BR
my new fatboy with da pipe

2009 Harley Davidson Fat Boy
****UPDATE**** May 7, on a 4 lane highway, while riding in the right lane, a driver in the left lane fell asleep, drifted into the median, woke up, and over corrected, slamming into me at 68mph. Both me and the bike went flipping into the air, and I landed in the ditch, with 4 broken toes, road rash covering my entire stomach, a chunk of my right knee missing, and my left heel had the skin pulled off, along with various other scrapes and bruises. The bike is totaled, after 2 months of riding, and the guys insurance barely paid it off. It will be several months after my surgery in June, before I can walk or ride again, but rest assured I will be back on a bike! Ride safe everyone, and keep an eye on all the drivers out there. My new 09 Fat Boy with the chrome wheel option. And yes, this was taken with a digital camera, so it sucks. And I do plan on upgrading the pipes to a set of Vance and Hines Big Shots 2 into 2's.

My 2007 Fat Boy with V&H Big Radius 2-1 pipes. Crank up the bass for best results.