Look at a 1988 Honda Accord DX

Look of this old Accord DX with the 2.0 inline 4 95 hp These old Accords are one of the few Imports that i like, you can see the wrap around back window, the sleek design.

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Accord CA5
Accord 1987 CA5 EXSi B20A2 106kW

Robert's 1988 Honda Accord Rolls Over 300,000 Miles
Video of Roberts' 1988 Honda Accord rolling over 300,000 actual miles on the original vehicle and engine. It doesn't burn any oil and has had very few repairs along with routine work.

My mint condition 1989 Honda Accord LX
A very fine example of a basically brand new classic Honda. SOLD. It was a great one of a kind car I hope the new owners are taking good care of it.

Drive in '89 Honda Accord LX
Drive to Autozone in '89 Honda Accord LX. Carb'd with ~137,000 miles