Worlds Fastest Crew Cab 7.3

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11 62 at 115
Single stage, ran 11.62 at 115.

7.3 vs 6.0
i recently installed arp studs, egr delete kit, new oil cooler blah blah blah on my buddies 6.0, and he wanted to see how his truck stood up against ol' shamoo, i guess he found out lol

7.3 Powerstroke Injector Upgrade - Tow Rig Tech EP3
On this Episode of Tow Rig Tech we are upgrading the Injectors on our 300k mile 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel powered Super Duty. We went with stage 1.5 380hp single shot injectors from Full Force Diesel. While we are in there we went ahead and replaced the glow plugs as well as the under cover harnesses and head gaskets. The injector removal and install might seem like a massive undertaking but after watching this how to video you should be able to do the task in a weekend with normal hand tools. We also discuss the infamous 50 cent mod and when you should or shouldn't do it. Then we get to the fun part with some Burnouts and Full Throttle Launch modes on the Race Tune so you can see the results. Going from the stock 250hp to 380 can really wake up an 15 year old truck! So now that the 7.3 powerstroke injector upgrade is complete. What should we do next? Maybe upgrade the Transmission? Here is the Link to buy the Tub O Towels seen in the video: USE CODE BUSTEDKNUCKLEJAN17 and GET 20% OFF! Here are links to everything we used in the video from Full Force. Stage 1.5 injectors- tage1.5.htm $1395 8 New Glow plugs- $12.38ea x 8 = $99.04 New under cover harnesses- $60.51x2 = $121.02 New Valve Cover Gaskets- = $141 TS 6 position chip with tunes- stom.htm $275 GRAND TOTAL- $2301 DISCLAIMER: We are not professional mechanics and do not claim to be. We just like to work on our trucks and show you how easy the process can be. Do not attempt any work on your vehicle that is above your skill level and comfort zone. Check out our old episodes: Bypass Oil Filter Upgraded Brakes from EBC Official Busted Knuckle Merch - BKF Facebook - INSTAGRAM SNAPCHAT & TWITTER - @the_BKFilms Big Thanks to our Sponsors: Spyder Offroad- Savvy Offroad-

7 3 Spooling up
Spooling up right before pulling onto the track. Trying to get some heat into the trans.