2007 vw polo GTI 110kw racing a bmw 645ci

polo kicking a bmw 645ci ass robot to robot

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Polo GTI (stock) VS Fiesta ST (stock)
just me in my GTI testing against a friends Fiesta ST.

Polo GTi @ Ciney - 150m sprint
My Polo in Ciney on 5 and 6 july 2008.

Racing a BMW 645

Given The Keys To a Stage 2 Polo GTI (Modified Polo GTI Review)
So we have a different sort of video today! A lot of you have been asking me to start doing car reviews, so what better to start than my friends Stage 2 Polo GTI running around 270bhp. Nicks Polo is very fun to say the least, thanks to him for letting me have a go and thanks to him for also scaring the sh*t out of me around the bends. His instagram; nickhardcastle123 Thanks for watching! Be sure to let me know if you like this video and if i should do more like it! Thanks for watching, see ya next time. http://www.lockwoodstore.co.uk