KillaCycle - New World Record !!!!!!!!!

The KillaCycle, ridden by Scotty Pollacheck, made drag racing history AGAIN at Bandimere Speedway October 23rd, 2008. 7.89 s @ 168 MPH is a new official record and makes KillaCycle to the world's quickest electric vehicle of any kind! The A123 Systems Nanoposphate batteries are changing the entire landscape for electric vehicles, and battery-powered devices in general.

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201 mph @ 6.94 sec - Lawless OCC Electric Drag Bike & Larry "Spiderman" McBride
The Lawless Electric Rocket bike piloted by Larry "Spiderman" McBride made history May 4, 2012 with a National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) DMC/A3 record run of 6.940 at 201.37 mph making it the first electric vehicle to break 200 mph in the quarter mile! The 355 volt Rocket bike was built by Lawless Industries and Orange County Choppers.

KillaJoule - the world's fastest electric motorcycle - 241 mph!
Watch the record run at 241.901 mph that made KillaJoule the world's fastest electric motorcycle and the world's fastest sidecar motorcycle of any kind (including internal combustion). It is the first time in over 100 years that an electric vehicle has taken an overall speed record for a vehicle type (the last time was in 1899 when the world's fastest car was electric). Thank you GoPro for the Hero3 HD cameras used to capture this record run! (Make sure to watch the video in HD!) Thank you A123 Systems, Rinehart Motion Systems and EVO Electric for the 300+ HP drivetrain, and Larson Engineering in Boulder for the 300+ mph wheels! Read more about KillaJoule and Eva Hakansson at and --- Bonneville Salt Flats, August 28 2014 ---

Killacycle VS. Motorcycle
Killacycle VS. Motorcycle

EV Electro Swift, Electric car Conversion