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How to change Engine oil on 2012 Honda Activa 110 CC
This is tutorial Video Showing engine oil on Honda Activa and other honda Gearless scooters. Most of the People don't know to service oil canister nut with oil change. The canister Nut is located near center parking stand at left side of the engine. You will see in this video. Tools required for this Job 1. L shape socket wrench 2.Extension Rod 3.Funnel with attached Pipe 4.17mm Socket 5.waste oil catch Mug 6.New 'O' Ring for Canister Drain Plug(genuine part from Honda Dealership) 7.Fresh MOTUL 10W30 Gearless scooter Engine Oil Quantity 800ml 8.Latch Knitting Needle. 9.Clean Paint Brush or any other type of cleaning Brush 10.Petrol in oil can (For Cleaning) The canister Nut should be served after every 21000 KM And oil Changed should be after every 3000 KM

2012-2015 Honda Civic Coolant Drain & Fill DIY
READ DESCRIPTION: 1. Start with a cold engine. 2. Open the radiator cap 3. Drain the coolant 4. Refill the radiator with coolant 5. Top off coolant reservoir. *NOTE* to empty the reservoir you need to remove the battery. 6. Go inside the car, turn on the heat, and start the engine. 7. Wait till the car reaches operating temperature and top off the radiator as needed. 8. Close radiator cap once no more bubbles appear and the heat inside the cabin is hot. 9. Check the coolant reservoir tank after a few days and keep level between MIN and MAX.

2012 Honda CR-V engine oil change
In detail video changing oil and filter. Enjoy.

2012-2015 Honda Civic Oil Change DIY
Sorry for the shakiness. See how quickly the oil pressure light turned off after we started it? That's because we primed the oil filter.