Chevy Cobalt 2.2l

SS OEM Bodykit MSR Rims Sportlines Lowering Springs N1 Cat-Back Exhaust Gen 1 Black Headlights Low-Rise Spoiler Nexton Tires SS/TC Interior

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2007 Chevy Cobalt
My 2007 4 Door Chevy Cobalt. The mods are listed in the video. I know it needs rims but those are expensive and I havent saved enough for those yet. :P Enjoy! Songs are: Super Villain & Swag by: Novi Novak

Owner of transportation: Nathan B. Wheel specs and coils in video Chevy Cobalt SS | TC DS | Mastery Production DSM_Edit Music: Philip Glass - Pruit Igoe Enjoy

06 Cobalt 2.2 Exhaust test
This is my 2006 Chevy Cobalt LS 2.2 mods: De-Badged, Injen Intake System, Painted Valve Cover, Painted Calipers, Painted Hubs, Blacked out Taillights, AVS Headlight Covers, Valve Breather(turbo ha), Quicktime Performance Electronic Y-Pipe and switch, Royal Purple Synthetic Oil, 89 octane gas, Flowmaster Super 44 Muffler and tailpipe, No resonator, stock cat and header.

this is my first bike i purchase...