KAWASAKI z750rs Z2 turbo

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Incredible Power With turbo / Turbine

z750 VS SR400 ヘアピンINからバッサリ! Kawasaki Z750RS is pulled out by YAMHA SR400
Kawasaki Z750RS SR400にインからバッサリ抜かれます!! Kawasaki Z750 is pulled out by YAMHA SR400. 96TVバイク紹介全集は下記URLからご視聴下さい↓ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgXHnq7MkQDl3y2X3lTo_lyCfDNW4m_l7 96TVツーリング全集は下記URLよりご視聴下さい ↓ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgXHnq7MkQDnRQ9aWFLHvJo-QexQk13j- マイブログ http://jinnseihaitidokiri.blogspot.jp/

Kawasaki Z2
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GPZ750 Turbo Startup
I bought this March last year as a going bike. When it turned up it was a lot sadder than I expected so I totally stripped it. Every nut & bolt has been off this bike. Everything not spot on has been replaced or re-furbed.Motor is fairly stock but is beefed up with 810 kit, ceramic coated pipes, Hi volume oil pump. oil galleries widened, neoprene shock bushes and h/duty springs for clutch, All new engine bearings, professionally reconditioned turbocharger, less restrictive Exhaust etc. All suspension bushes seals etc new, ZR7 rear shock & progressive front springs. all new bearings in wheels, steering head etc, new chain/sprockets, tyres, Planning for registration in next two weeks then It'll be getting paint after that. Thanks to everyone on 750turbo,com for all the help & advice during this build!