Dodge Viper GTS

Dodge Viper GTS

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gts viper Ride
I take a ride in this Beautiful 99' GTS dodge viper, Easily the most fun ride I have ever been on.

Dodge Viper GTS pulls away on two Camaros
Listen to that Viper! Camera car - 2000 Z28 As you can see I got stuck behind a slow moving van as the red SS follows. 450hp would have got away from me anyway. Was awesome! This was on my way back from the Camaro Nationals.

Essai Dodge Viper GTS Motors Collector
Dans l'émission Motors Collector du mois de mars, essai de l'américaine Dodge Viper GTS, un coupé avec un long moteur avant V10 de 8l et 450ch sur les roues arrière et dotée d'échappements centraux situés au niveau des parechocs arrière.

Dodge Viper GTS
Blue with white stripes, yeah!