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ZNEN PUMA 150cc Freebird Cardenza Retro 150cc Scooter Review Test Drive

Test Driving the new ZNEN 150cc it's sold in the USA under many different names and we review it for the dealers and talk about the parts we have available for it at http://www.mrp-speed.com Featuring the only Dyno Tested ZNEN 150cc Retro Style Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust for 150cc and 125cc GY6 4-stroke B QMJ152/157 QMI152/157 engine based scooters. Fits models with 12" rear wheel ZNEN Cardenza BMS Qlink Puma freebird 150cc


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Not all GY6 cylinders are the same
Something to watch out for is that different OEMs use different patterns. Many OEMs are now using brand specific patters and in the USA there has a been a rush to call everything GY6 a generic part, THEY ARE NOT. Xinguye Linhai ZMD ZNEN QJ - VENTO all use different GY6 patters sometimes the same OEM like ZNEN will buy cylinders from three different factories meaning not all their 150cc units use the same engine parts. MRP now carries TNG scooter parts and the TNG parts are not all the same some are from CF-MOTO, QJ, ZNEN these are all different bolt patterns so DEALERS BEWARE when you buy from sources that don't know all the factories this is what you will face. PROBLEMS USE THE OEM NUMBERS ON OUR SITE WHEN ORDERING PARTS FROM US http://www.martinracingdealer.com/WSWrapper.jsp?mypage=Manuals.htm MRP IS THE ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR DEALER NEEDS

Honda Joker Drive Test IL Bello Aprilia Mojito Znen Retro
More on the legendary Honda Joker or Shadow 50/90/100 and its influence on many of the Chinese and Italian clones from the Scooter Maven

Upgrading the ZNEN engine IL Bello Cardenza FreeBird Puma BM
Upgrading the ZNEN engine IL Bello Cardenza FreeBird Puma BM

The difference between solid brands and fly by night guys
Kevin at CF-Moto gave us this great analogy of the difference between the fly by night guys and the main brands. CF MOTO stands out as one of the few Asian OEMs that actually owns a factory, gives warranty and covers labor. The funny thing is many small dealers don't care they go for the $500 scooter brand because they just want short run profits, one thing I constantly remind dealers is your store has to stick to brands that will survive the good times and the bad, thats why we like companies like the one Kevins works with. I've mentioned this a couple of times, but Dealers that sell cheap end up with problems in the US. There are lemon laws and in most states scooters over 50cc meaning anything in the 125cc and above are considered motorcycles and qualify for vehicle lemon law protections so dealers that sold United Motors, Tank, Roketa, SUNL companies that either closed or didnt pay warranty can get easily sued out of business. Thats why we suggest staying with legitimate brands that pay warranty, have parts, and are OEM meaning own real factories not just private labels like SUNL or TANK who slap their name on stuff. There is a Honda, Kymco, CF MOTO factory and thats something that stands out when a dealer needs parts or warranty. THE ONLY DISTRIBUTOR IN THE USA WITH CFMOTO OEM, LINHAI OEM, BENELLI - ANDRETTI OEM QJ, PLUS THE RACING VERSIONS IS MRP Only by selling the OEM can you sell racing that really works, because we know what the originals are because we have them. This is the biggest problem we see out there, consumers buying GY6 and other CDIs and trying to put them on a Linhai 400cc isn't going to work same for CF MOTO its like HONDA its their design it wont work with a standard ZNEN or GY6 CDI. So order from the people that know over 12,000 scooter parts order MRP! http://www.mrp-speed.com There are more and more companies promising to sell cheap GY6 and CDIs online. We previously reported on fake parts from China, we'll these are real Chinese parts, but what's starting to happen is that the industry requires brand specific models as more companies like CF MOTO, Linhai, Kymco manufacture in China they have parts that are not "Generic" nor cross compatible. They are brand specific much like Honda or Yamaha. So when we get emails from consumers saying " I made a mistake I purchased such and such CDI to save money " we have to say "Stop" before you buy check the OEM part and your dealer can order it from our repair manual section with real part numbers from the right factory.

Chinese Brand Scooters / Motorcycles - Any Good?
A few brands of China Scooters are CF Moto, Baron, Avanti, Tank, SunL, Roketa and many others

Chinese Scooter Review. Should you buy one?
I bought a Chinese "sport" scooter about a month ago and I decided to make a vid telling you if these cheap bikes are a good deal or not. I go through the good and bad and give my final thoughts on these very controversial scooters.

Retro and Vintage Vespa Style 150cc Scooters by HIGH STYLE MOTORING 562.945.8361
Retro and Vintage style Scooters for sale by HIGH STYLE MOTORING See them all at http://www.scootersgonewild.com. or call 562.945.8361. These 150cc scooters have the custom look of the vintage Vespa scooters and the vintage Piaggio scooters at a fraction of the price. They are also much lighter and more dependable and offer many modern technology upgrades such as super bright L.E.D. lighting front and rear for added safety, electronically controlled and dependable C.D.I. ignition system, front A.B.S. assisted brakes and much more. These 150cc scooters are EPA and DOT approved and are legal scooters in all 50 states and since they are CARB approved these are California legal scooters as well. HIGH STYLE MOTORING/CarCall - Same Southern California location since 1987 selling top quality Scooters, Mopeds, Pit Bikes and Mini Dirt Bikes. Sales, service, parts and accessories all in one GIANT So Cal location. As always, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We are open Monday - Saturday from 10am - 6pm PST to assist you with all of your sales, service or parts needs. Unlike most online dealers - WE ANSWER OUR PHONES so feel free to give us a call during our business hours with any questions. Mention that you saw our store highlighted on the new hit reality TV show "Barter Kings" and receive a free DOT approved helmet with your new 150cc Scooter! Thank you and Ride Safe!

MotoMojo Tri-Elite 150 3 Wheel Scooter
Inspection and test drive of the new MotoMojo Tri-Elite 150 scooter.

Best SCOOTER to BUY ??
An indepth review of all available scooters....and which is the best to buy.

High Performance 150cc Scooters on Sale
Menintools.com has street legal dot approved 150cc motor scooter with a high performance 4 cycle scooter engine

Tamoretti 125 GoPro speed test lol
Me in Newbury testing new Christmas present. Really need to aim up a bit

HERITAGE 150CC/50cc Motor Scooter by BMS
Heritage model scooter by BMS. Available in both 50cc and 150cc.

Scooter Fuel Filter Replacment "How To"
Here I show you some cheap & simple steps to achieving a new filter on your scooter so it will continue to perform properly without any hesitation.Before the filter change I would sputter a lot going over bumps, that was even before the crack. After this fix the scooter no longer hesitates & runs extremely well. Help Support My Channel: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=9ZT925 NTLR5E6 Visit me at: http://www.Nthefastlane.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nthefastlane Google+: https://plus.google.com/117540915227325837174 "Hitman" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

holleeder rides again nu op n china retro scooter in emmen ! HA HA
bellagio scooter

150cc Super Hornet Motorcycle Scooter SR1 LKY - Demo of Sound and Walk around 877-300-8707
Up close, another video of the detail on this ride. We absolutely love this machine and you will too once you get your hands on one! This video will show the sound of the Hornet LKY SR1 Gas Motorcycle Scooter

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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