Rochester on 253 let the secondaries open

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86 Monte Carlo SS - cleaning out the Quadrajet carb and flowmaster exhaust sound
This engine was pulled from the car in 1997 and left sitting in a crate until 2011. They left the fuel in the carb so as it evaporated it left deposits. Exhaust sound at 9:01 3 chamber Flowmasters, long tube headers. 2.25" pipes and I don't think there is a crossover tube.

Leaky RV carb
Carb in my RV leaking around accelerator jet. looking for ideas as to where the leak is starting and what needs to be fixed.

Carter AFB 9000 Carburetor Teardown Part 1 of 6
http://www.carburetor-parts.com is happy to provide this informational video about the Carter 9000 AFB carburetor. This is the 1st part of several videos demonstrating the rebuilding of the AFB carburetor. For the full rebuild video DVD please visit our web store, Mike's Carburetor Parts.

Rochester Quadrajet Assembly Part 2
Parts overview and assembly of a quadrajet carb.