toyota starlet 13b pp turbo " stephanie"

stephanie 1/8th mile run and burnout 13b peripheral port turbo

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accidente de la stephanie@arecibo

Gisela 4.79 segs en Arecibo

Categoria Doble A en Agua Dulce 2009

7 second Toyota Starlet CRASH on THE ROOF! - MIR World Cup Finals 2012
(Toyota Intended Acceleration!) Luckily the driver was ok in this very scary crash, got loose and ended up on the roof at over 150mph and slid for several hundred feet before stopping. Track emergency crew was already heading down the track before the car stopped sliding. During Round 3 Qualifying of the Radial vs Modified Class 17th Annual World Cup Finals Import vs Domestic 2012 11/3/12 Maryland International Raceway Budds Creek, MD.