The Mighty Duke - Portable Auto Body and Frame Machine - Collision Repair System

Wagner-Martin Development LLC presents The Mighty Duke! This innovative collision repair system is perfect for all size auto body repair and frame shops! It is fast to set-up, powerful, provides incredibly smooth feel-back to the user, easily rolls away and takes up little space when not in use. Inexpensive, but strong floor anchors are flush with the floor, can't be tripped over, and it won't cost a small fortune to set up shop in a new facility should you decide to move to another location. Patent Pending. Expected website launch date Jan. 13, 2013. Questions can be sent to; or

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ar Bench Universal Jig Fixtures and Infinity 3 Laser Measuring
Car Bench with universal jigs and laser measuring gives you the most precise and accurate collision repair to manufacturers specifications.

Frame repair made easy do it at your home
When not in use, Quick Sticks by WeschTools compact size takes up little of your precious storage space. Quick Stick affordable price, portability, versatility, and its compact size makes it a perfect choice for small shops, an alternative to more costly space consuming pulling systems. Coming in the summer of 2015

How To Build DIY Chassis Table - Welding It All Together Using the Eastwood MIG 250!
A chassis table is essential for any fabricator tackling larger fabrication projects. Matt uses salvaged materials to make his version of a DIY chassis table, while lending tips and tricks along the way! LINK TO BUY MIG 250 WELDER: on&utm_content=chassis%20build%20MIG%20250&utm_campaign=2015-08-04 MIG Welder 250 Amps Item #20279 Powerful, lightweight 250 amp MIG welder at a DIY friendly price Eastwood designed this 250 amp MIG welder from the ground up to be powerful, easy to use, and inexpensive. With its state of the art inverter technology, it weighs1/2 as much as similar welders and costs1/2 as much too. But it still delivers all the power you will ever need to weld steel from 20ga to 1/2 inch thick and aluminum from 14ga to 1/4" thick, with a 60% duty cycle at its full 250 amp setting. Plus, with the efficiency of the inverter and the ability to run on 120v or 240v, you can easily take it to the race track or job site and run it off a generator. It also has infinite adjustability of both its voltage and wire feed speed settings, can take both 4 inch and 8 inch diameter spools, and feed steel, stainless or flux core wire from .023” to .045”. Add the optional spool gun and weld aluminum like a pro too. 120 or 240 volt powered Infinitely adjustable 30-250 amp welding range 60% duty cycle at 250 amp setting Weighs just 66 lbs Torch cable Length 10 feet Ground cable length 10 feet State of the art inverter technology Uses 4 in or 8 in wire spool Optional spool gun for aluminum wire Binzel A2/24 torch uses commonly available consumables 3 year warranty Eastwood has everything you need to do the job right when you're restoring your car truck or motorcycle - welders, plasma cutters, paint and paint guns, soda and abrasive blasters, hand tools, metal fab tools, rust solutions, powder coating supplies, specialty tools and more. Since 1978. For more information on Eastwood products visit or stay connected with the team via: Facebook - Instagram - Blog - ARE YOU AN EASTWOOD GUY?

Ford Escape - Side Impact Repair
City of Stars Collison Center - This video illustrates the steps taken for repairing a Ford Escape with side impact . repairs include frame pull, new frame rails, new doors, new body panels, body repair and paint. Please check out our other auto body repair videos. Subscribe to City of Stars Collision Center YouTube channel. Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.