- Juan's TU Madre Racing Honda S2000 @ CLM Motorsports!!

Here is Juan's Tu Madre Racing Honda S2000 during a Dyno Tune session at CLM Motorsports!! Checkout for more Dyno videos!!!

More Videos... - Dynamic Performance @ Sport Compact Fall Nationals 2010!!
Here is a feature of Dynamic Performance's Sport Front Wheel Drive Class Civic during the Englishtown Fall Nationals Event!! Checkout for more videos!!

Nyce1s - Nissan GT-R Overload @ NYC International Auto Show 2016
We were very impressed at Nissan's booth display during the media days at the NYC International Auto Show. Nissan brought out a collection of GTRs dating back to the original GTR from 1969. GTR enthusiasts can sit back and enjoy this video which shows the heritage of the GTR. It is a bit long but well worth it as we give a close up look of each GTR. This is not something we get to see often so we felt the need to be a bit more detailed with this video. Thanks! Thanks to our sponsors: Diamonds By Al for the best in Jewelry & Engagement Rings Sui Generis Clothing: - Juan's Tu Madre Racing Turbo Integra Type R @ CLM Motorsports
Here is Juan's Tu Madre Racing Acura Integra Type R at CLM Motorsports for a Dyno tuning session. Check us out at !!! Checkout for more videos !! Hits the streets with JDM crew Street Models
This video features Team Street Models, hardcore JDM heads from the streets of Queens, NYC. This crew hits up all the local car shows and car meets with some serious swag. Check them out as they show us what it means to them to be JDM! Checkout for more videos!!