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Vw 1.9 TDI Turbo rebuild ALH - Part 1 GT1749V
Working on 2003 Jetta tdi turbo Gt1749V rebuild . Oil leak at tail pipe. . white smoke . Part -2

Garrett T25 Turbo Rebuild, Part 1 - Disassembly
Part 1 of a garrett t25 turbo rebuild disassembling the turbo. The most important part is marking everything properly before disassembly - compressor and turbine housing relation to the center housing and the compressor and turbine wheels in relation to eachother on the main turbo shaft. Check clearences of all components and thoroughly clean everything before reassembly.

Detroit series 60 in frame rebuild (part 1) What Happened?
I did find a way to start on the in frame rebuild this week

CT-26 Turbo Rebuild Part 1
Teardown of a 1993 Toyota MR2 turbo ct-26 turbocharger.