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Trolleybus burnout

A trolleybus having troubles and slipping due to wet snow mud on a light grade. But this is quite unexpected behavior for usual trolleybus because there are many buses with automatic transmission, as well as ones with manual gearbox, including articulated with mid or tail driving axle, all of them climbing the same grade without such hard wheelslip. Hence, the road surface isn't really so slippery to completely prevent climbing. The only reason should be that this specific type of trolleybus has a feature always to start very roughly and couldn't do it in a more soft manner :)


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Moscow bus sliping
Buses slip while stop and start at bus stop

Wellington Trolleybuses in Rain and Shine
Wellington, New Zealand, is a compact and hilly city, and a fleet of 60 Designline trolleybuses operate on weekdays. This video shows several of the trolley routes and local sights. Routes 5, 9 and 10 are being reviewed for possible conversion to diesel bus operation. The single lane tunnel shown is in fact the Hataitai bus tunnel under Mt. Victoria, formerly used by trams.

Trolley Burnout in Pleven, Bulgaria, Winter

Trolleybuses in the snowy Switzerland
Just lots of swiss trolleybuses and snow =) Happy New Year 2007!

Trolleybus driver training...
A short video showing Trolleybus driver training at Fulwell Depot in 1931. ----------------------------- Check out these links... LONDON TROLLEYBUSES: http://www.trolleybus.net ONLINE VIDEO: http://www.onlinevideo.me.uk -----------------------------

Budapest Trolleybus
Besides the iconic yellow trams the red trolleybuses of Budapest also have a very long history of providing public transport services to the residents living in the Pest side of the city.

Anfahrt mit Bewässerung
Testfahrten mit Bewässerung

Bus gets stuck in snow and traction control OSLO
This is a typical scene in Oslo during wintertime. The buses the company bought are not suited for our conditions at all and suffer under low tracktion. They're great for summertime but only back wheel tracktion sux for snow... watch how pathetic it is.... video 2 of the same kind of situation

Moscow special trolleybus - KTG #753
Moscow, overhead viring control trolleybus KTG #753 and others. Ryazanskiy prospekt, "Plavatelnyi Bassein" stop.

Vintage Trolley Bus/Trackless Trolley Parade
A parade of vintage/antique trackless trollies at the Seashore Trolley Museum Transit Day 2009 Featuring: A Boston MBTA Flyer Trolley bus A recently retire Fishbowl Trolley bus from Edmonton Canada A Boston MTA Pullman Trolley bus (?) European Trolley bus with its trailer (?) Trolley bus 713 If anyone has any info on the (?) buses or any corrections be sure to leave a comment! Enjoy and Thanks for watching!

a trailer for www.pmpvideo.com purchase on Amazon, EBay or direct from PMP covers Ulyanovsk, Togliatti, Moscow and trolley factory

Tram derailment recovery 24 Mar 2011, Moscow
Tram car #4308, working at the moment on 35 route, going northbound direction, derailed in Moscow, at the end of Dubininskaya street, about 13..14 h 24 Mar 2011. Only the first (front) bogie derailed. Trams of both directions were blocked (as the derailed car obstructed opposite track clearance by its back), a general traffic jam formed. Около 13..14 часов 24 марта 2011 года в Москве, в конце Дубининской улицы, произошёл сход трамвайного вагона 4308, работавшего на 35 маршруте, и двигавшегося в северном направлении. Вагон сошёл только передней тележкой. Было прервано движение в обоих направлениях, поскольку сошедший вагон нарушил габарит встречного пути своей задней частью.

Antwerpen tram 1/2
View from a car of Antwerpen tram, surface and under surface sections of track / Вид из трамвайного вагона в Антверпене - наземные и подземные участки

Isleworth trolleybus depot
Isleworth trolleybus depot. The song "Runaway" by Del Shannon would have been heard on the radio during this time period. ---------------------------- Check out these links... LONDON TROLLEYBUSES: http://www.trolleybus.net ONLINE VIDEO: http://www.onlinevideo.me.uk ----------------------------

How not to do a burnout
My first real attempt at a manual trans burnout. 1st gear, totally choking going for 2nd gear.

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