Trolleybus burnout

A trolleybus having troubles and slipping due to wet snow mud on a light grade. But this is quite unexpected behavior for usual trolleybus because there are many buses with automatic transmission, as well as ones with manual gearbox, including articulated with mid or tail driving axle, all of them climbing the same grade without such hard wheelslip. Hence, the road surface isn't really so slippery to completely prevent climbing. The only reason should be that this specific type of trolleybus has a feature always to start very roughly and couldn't do it in a more soft manner :)

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SZEGED TROLLEYBUS - Der O-Bus in Szeged (29.-31.05.2014)
Szenen vom O-Busbetrieb im ungarischen Szeged. Zum Einsatz kommen verschiedene modernisierte Modelle der Škodatypen 14Tr und 15Tr, einige Ikarus, sowie selbsterstellte Trolleybusse aus ehemaligen 12Ab und Citaro-Dieselbussen.

Wellington Trolleybuses in Rain and Shine
Wellington, New Zealand, is a compact and hilly city, and a fleet of 60 Designline trolleybuses operate on weekdays. A decision in June 2014 by the Greater Wellington Regional Council will see this system closed by 2017. This video shows several of the trolley routes and local sights. The single lane tunnel shown is in fact the Hataitai bus tunnel under Mt. Victoria, formerly used by trams.

Омси. Троллейбус ЗИУ 682, карта могэс, маршрут 4.
Всем привет, с вами снова я, Лев Торопов. Сегодня мы с вами прокатились на троллейбусе ЗИУ 682Б. Мне пришлось смоделировать некоторые ситуации, например как ДТП или проезд крестовин и стрелок КС (Контактная Сеть).

Trolley on fire in Lvov! // Во Львове загорелся троллейбус