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Trolleybus burnout

A trolleybus having troubles and slipping due to wet snow mud on a light grade. But this is quite unexpected behavior for usual trolleybus because there are many buses with automatic transmission, as well as ones with manual gearbox, including articulated with mid or tail driving axle, all of them climbing the same grade without such hard wheelslip. Hence, the road surface isn't really so slippery to completely prevent climbing. The only reason should be that this specific type of trolleybus has a feature always to start very roughly and couldn't do it in a more soft manner :)


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KOŠICE TROLLEYBUS - Trolejbus v Košiciach (31.10.2013)
Szenen des O-Busbetriebes im ostslowakischen Košice. Die beiden Linien 71 und 72 durchqueren die Stadt von Ost nach West und bedienen zu 3/4 die gleiche Stammstrecke. Zum Einsatz kommen Škoda 15Tr, 15TrM und einige 14TrM.

Bus gets stuck in snow and traction control OSLO
This is a typical scene in Oslo during wintertime. The buses the company bought are not suited for our conditions at all and suffer under low tracktion. They're great for summertime but only back wheel tracktion sux for snow... watch how pathetic it is.... video 2 of the same kind of situation

Anfahrt mit Bewässerung
Testfahrten mit Bewässerung

At Theebine a train has come up the grade off the disused Kingaroy Branch. Unfortunately the grass was long and dry. The train was long. The locos with lots of sand on the rails and a driver in the cab of each 1720 class loco eventually struggled and inched their way through until free. Here's a few of minutes of this that must have taken over an hour

Trolley Burnout in Pleven, Bulgaria, Winter

Bus up the hill
Number 54 bus Claycross to Chesterfield going up a snowy hill and slipping

PYONGYANG TROLLEYBUS - Der O-Bus in Pyongyang (19.-25.04.2014)
Im April 2014 besuchte ich zum zweitenmal die Volksrepublik Korea (Individualtourist - KEINE der zeitnahen Gruppenreisen!) und erkundete diesmal das Trolleybussystem etwas genauer. Die Modernisierung der Flotte geht weiter voran und zahlreiche Altbauwagen der Typen Ikraus und Karosa wurden bereits ersetzt. Während dieser Tage entstanden zahlreiche O-Busfotos, ebenso wurden drei Sonderfahrten mit den Typen Chonlima 70, 91 und 9.25 durchgeführt.

Isleworth trolleybus depot
Isleworth trolleybus depot. The song "Runaway" by Del Shannon would have been heard on the radio during this time period. ---------------------------- Check out these links... LONDON TROLLEYBUSES: http://www.trolleybus.net ONLINE VIDEO: http://www.onlinevideo.me.uk ----------------------------

Zapping bus, tram, trolleybus...
Zapping de véhicules pour les transports publics de passagers. (autobus, tramways, trolleybus, trains et métro)

Trolleybuses in the snowy Switzerland
Just lots of swiss trolleybuses and snow =) Happy New Year 2007!

The new Hess Trolleybus in a Swiss city
Don't you wanna have this environmental friendly trolleybus in your city too? = ) They are awesome!

Moscow bus sliping
Buses slip while stop and start at bus stop

Slipping Cars on Marldon Road, Paignton
This was the scene at 10:30 this morning (Friday 6th February 2009) as cars and a bus tried to negociate Marldon road, Paignton

Bus wreck
A bus tries to cross the Krossá river in Thorsmörk (Iceland) but it gets stuck in deep waters.

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