Part1 Removing the Subaru EJ22 motor

Doing some upgrades to my EJ22 Subaru engine in my 1974 Super Beetle

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Part2 Subaru EJ22 back together and first start up
New heads are on and engine back in the car. First start up went well, clacky valve noise was just the hydraulic lifters before they pumped up

Subaru EJ22 bug
Firts start up. Subaru EJ22 running megasquirt 2 with a version 3 board. Using STI trigger wheel with Ms2extra.

The Subaru XV takes on the Land Rover Defender
The Subaru XV competed with the Land Rover Defender across a series of difficult obstacles, which put both vehicles through their paces. Find out which vehicle came out on top. To try the Subaru XV for yourself, and begin your XV Adventure, head to: Join the conversation with #SubaruUK on our channels: Facebook: Twitter: @subaruuk Pinterest: Instagram: @SubaruUK #SubaruUK #ConfidenceinMotion #XVAdventure

VW Subaru engine conversion part one. A how to guide will come in the next vid.
First part of a Subaru VW engine conversion for an air cooled camper van.