Motorweek Video of the 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

Motorweek Video of the 2005 Volkswagen Jetta - Check out more car reviews at - read honest reviews and check out specs

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2005 VW Jetta 2.5L Engine Sound
For all those asking where to buy an APR Carbonio cold-air intake, here is the link. Here is the link to my video with the CAI installed (skip to the indicated time for the intake). NOTE: Don't watch in HD, the video isn't any better and teh audio is just as good. Sorry for the confusion; it is just how my software encodes the video. As you can tell by the temporary license I just got this car. I have uploaded my parents two other cars, and I finally have my own car! This brand new, new to me, Jetta. This car has EVERYTHING! This particular type of Jetta that has all these features was only made for six months from late 2005 to early 2006. It has wood trim, rain sensor, dual 12-way power seats, rear sunshade, and automatic dual zone climate control. It is powered by a in line 5 cylinder engine that produces 150 horses and 170 ft-lbs of torque. This is really a wolf in sheep's clothing! The intro song is Magic by The Cars. **Note: This car is warm and was driven prior to this video.** I had to repost this video because I forgot to put in the Exhaust sound from the rear. I can't believe I forgot about it for this long. So now the sound of the engine from the interior is much clearer and now you can hear the stock Exhaust. I will post a 0-60 video soon, hopefully!

Review: 2005 Volkswagen New Jetta
Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. With German engineering, an affordable price tag, cool options, and attractive yet not flamboyant styling, it's mature fun on a budget. At least that's what the Jetta was a decade ago. But, as the years have passed, competitors have decoded Volkswagen's secret sauce and new models have arrived to entice on many of the Volkswagen's traditional merits, all while the Jetta has largely rested on its laurels. So, it is with a fair amount of anticipation that young, urban professionals look to the totally redesigned 2005.5 Jetta.

2005 VW Jetta New Engine Install
Installing a new engine in a '05 VW Jetta. 2.5L 5-Cylinder Engine, with only 42k miles on the used engine. Runs great!

2005 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5
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