Black Current Eliminations 26-06-2011 10.49 seconds

The second elimination at Santa Pod Summer Nationals 26-06-2011 - a run of 10.492 seconds against a dial in of 10.50 means Black Current was out, but in fine style!

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Vw Beetle
Some pictures of Vw Boxer engines and VW Beetles. song: The Brightwings - Can't Stand Me

first start 2332 street killer.mp4

Suspensão Dianteira Independente VW - iMohr Technic & Design
Vídeo ilustrativo da montagem da suspensão dianteira independente duplo A para VW Fusca da iMohr Technic & Design. Para maiores informações, a maneira mais rápida e eficiente é entrar em contato direto com o fabricante pelo email: ou fone +55 (54) 3329 5930

Worlds fastest "streetlegal" beetle (9.03 @ 1/4 mile, 256km/t)
Tor Øyvind Skinnes turbobeetle doing 9.03 @ 1/4 mile at SCC at Gardermoen raceway. This makes it the Worlds fastest street legal beetle. (With standard bottom plate) The Run was improved to 9.01 the next day. (Best time now 8,60)