S2000 CR at Autobahn Country Club Full Course

A couple of laps at Autobahn Country Club in a 2008 S2000 Club Racer. Attended the MVP Track Time HPDE. This is my first time driving this track.

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Honda S2000 CR Canyon Lake Cruise
Friday afternoon cruise thru the canyons.

Ptuning Scion tC - 2009 RTA @ Autobahn Country Club (Winning Time Attack Session 1)
PTUNING - 2009 Redline Time Attack @ Autobahn Country Club, Joliet, IL Sunday Time Attack session 1 in Ptuning turbo Scion tC. Winning Modified FWD time of 1:35.771

Autobahn Country Club Full 3.5 miles Driving Line Tutorial
http://www.deltavee.net Autobahn Country Club's full 3.5 mile, 21 turn circuit. Driver: Rob Schermerhorn of Delta Vee Motorsports LLC http://www.deltavee.net Private coaching and race engineering services available (chassis set up, shock tuning...), visit http://www.separationofcontrols.com to inquire.

S2000 CR chasing Porsche 911s
Recorded Aug 22,2012 out with Turn 2 club. The was from my final track day in the S2000 CR before I sold the car. (I got more for it than I paid for it), I was running the ridge motorsports park in Shelton, WA in the B group. This was the third session of the day and I was trying my hardest to chase down a few VERY nice Porsches. The first silver Porsche is a 911 turbo friend from PCA who I would make up some ground on in the turns but She would blow me away in the straights and I finally loose when we come into some traffic. Next was a great looking orange Porsche GT3 RS who I could almost pass but then we hit a straight and I was back to chasing him down for the next lap. However as you can hear being behind his car I did get to listen to his sweet Exhaust note!