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S2000 CR at Autobahn Country Club Full Course

A couple of laps at Autobahn Country Club in a 2008 S2000 Club Racer. Attended the MVP Track Time HPDE. This is my first time driving this track.


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Autobahn Country Club, Lotus Exige S (North, Full, and South course)
First time at Autobahn. Had the opportunity to run all three configs in two days (only 40 minutes on the full course). Lap times leave a lot to be desired, but fun chance to learn new tracks, quickly.

ABC World News - Autobahn Country Club Feature
ABC World News with Charles Gibson. Feature about the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL. Reporter Barbara Pinto's story includes interviews and a high speed ride on the track.

Time Attack zandvoort RND1 '14 onboard S2000 Qualification, Best laptime: 2:05.670
Best laptime: 2:05.670 Tyres: R888 Tyre pressure: 1,9bar (cold) BC Racing setting F:5 R:10. Pwr: 248BHP Driver: Ronald van Wooning Date: 23 maart 2014

Honda S2000 Track build - Nurburgring 2013
Just a busy, random lap at the Ring. Μore about the build of the car can be found on www.pb-motorsport.com

Honda S2000 at Autobahn South TTC Traffic
Moving through traffic on Sunday morning after modifying my line and getting faster.

Beastly Supercharged Track S2000
Video of my build, with pictures, track video, and more! Now that the cars a beast it's time to work on driver mod's!

H2H Ep 4, S2000 CR Vs. 350z Nismo

High Traffic Lap around Autobahn (Full Course)
High Traffic Lap around Autobahn Country Club (Full Course) in Joliet, IL. June 4, 2007

Detailed video of Top Fuel Honda S2000 time attack car testing for WTA at Suzuka Circuit
You've probably already seen the in-car of Nob Taniguchi testing the Top Fuel Honda around Suzuka http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r67JhHzFKHw but here is some shots outside the car. See some nice detail shots of the suspension and aero. See trackside footage of it on flying laps. It has another driver testing it not Nob, See this car in Sydney 10th and 11th August. Get a discount 2 day ticket before the offer ends go to http://www.worldtimeattack.com/index.php/tickets/

TX2K12 - 8 Second 2JZ S2000 Giant Wheelie!
TX2K12 DVD Released! http://www.1320video.com/store/dvd/ Raw Performance's 2ZJ powered Honda S2000 decided it would try and launch off the drag strip Sunday at TX2K12 during an elimination pass against the Majestic Motorsports Supra.

momofoolio Racing - New Street AWD Record - Super Lap Battle X Global Time Attack Final 2012
momofoolio Racing presents Super Lap Battle X Global Time Attack Final 2012 Buttonwillow Raceway 13CW Driver - Alex Peng Tire - Yokohama AD08 1st Place Street AWD - New Class Record - 1:54.725 (sorry no footage =/) 2nd Place Street RWD - 1:56.881 (fastest practice time 1:56.4 not recorded) Special Thanks to: SportCar Motion WestEnd Alignment Pit Garage Eibach Springs APR Performance Rising Star Motor PuddyMod Racing Church Tuning Extreme Speed Track Events GodSpeed Project Berk Technology Innovative Mounts Science of Speed Massimo Power Crew - Jeff Tyler, Sky Chan, John Tran Directed/ Filmed/ Edited by Zhong Chueng

S2000 going to the dragon
My friend driving the passenger's S2000 up towards Tail of the Dragon (US-129). Car is modified with the following: RPF-1 18x9/10 +35; Greddy CBE; coilover suspension; bride seats; tune by Forged Performance in GA

S2000 CR at Nelson Ledges Playing with Porsches
2008 S2000 CR running at Nelson Ledges Fun Day event.

Supercharged S2000 vs Mitsubishi Evo's @ Real TimeAttack
http://import2race.com This is the first demo event at the Real TIme Attack event at Racewaypark New Jersey. It's a battle between SuperCharge S2000 vs Honda S2000 vs Mitsubishi EVO X GSR vs EVO 9.

S2000 time attack ! KAZANring. (Onboard)
Первое место в Российском чемпионате Maxpowercars 4этап! В дисциплине Time Attack ! Hankook RS3 1-40-2c. HONDA S2000 Lektor Edition 260 hp. SPEC LIST Мотор Впуск TSUCHINOKO от JS RACING Дроссель увеличенный TODA Портинг головы stage2 Клапаны supertech Пружинки TODA и титановые ритейннеры JUN Валы stage2 TODA B Выхлоп T1Racing titan-70mm ECU Hondata K-PRO Радиатор Mishimoto Cвечи HKS Racing plug iridium 8 Маслянный поддон JS Racing Подушки двигателя и коробки Spoon Трансмиссия Дифференциал 1,5 WAY JS Racing Главная пара 4.44 JS Racing Проставки приводов JS Racing Усиленный шланг сцепления JS Racing Подвеска HKS Hipermax III sport — койловеры Стабилизаторы SWIFT перед и зад. -Распорка передняя Титан Cusco -Нижняя Х образная Cusco -Задняя верхняя распорка кузова Cusco -Распорка заднего подрамника Cusco Аэродинамика Капот JS Передний бампер JS Задний бампер JS Спойлер Carbon Club racing seibon. Салон Ковш BRIDE Крепление ковша JS Ремни TAKATA Кноб Кпп JS racing Racelogic +Go PRO3 black edition Диски Колесные диски R17 VOLK RACING TE37TA 7,5J — 9J 48et — 63et Гайки Projekt MU Удлиненные шпильки ARP Резина Hankook RS3 255/40/17 @ 225/45/17 Тормоза Тормоза перед 4 поршневые Spoon Тормозные диски Endless e-slit по кругу. Тормозные колодки Endless RCP066CC-RG (EP966CC-RG) Армированные тормозные шланги BF Goodrich ЖИДКОСТИ Тормозная жидкость Endless 750 Моторное масло- Redline 5W-40 Масло в редукторе OEM gipoid

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2003 Honda S2000 AP1: 8.544 @ 159.600
Tasos Moraitis-Geartech Engineering, Engine: f20c, Turbos: borg warner s400 Tires: 29x12x15

2004 Honda S2000 GT37r Turbo: 9.994 @ 141.890
Carey Bales, Engine: 2.2l, Turbos: GT37r Turbo Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials

2000 Honda S2000 Garrett GT35R 62mm Billet Turbo: 10.540 @ 135.880
Neema Dadgostar, Engine: Built 2.2L, Turbos: Divided GT35R 1.06 Billet 62mm Tires: 255/50/16 MT ET Drag Radials

2002 Honda S2000 Turbo: 10.695 @ 124.750
Arnold Tamasar, Engine: Stock block, Turbos: Turbonetics 72trim turbo Tires: Nitto555r drag radials

2002 Honda S2000 Turbo: 10.703 @ 132.740
John Lee, Engine: STOCK block, Supercharger: none Turbos: InlinePRO turbo kit (GT35R) Tires: Nitto Drag radials 245/50/16

2001 Honda S2000 Turbo: 10.750 @ 129.310
Elias Augerinos, Engine: Pulse Turbocharging, Turbos: Yes Tires: M/T 26x8 slick

2004 Honda S2000 Garret GT35r: 10.921 @ 135.620
Joseph Costanza, Engine: Stock block 2.2L, Supercharger: NA Turbos: Garret GT35r 1.06 Tires: Mickey Thompsons 255/50/16 Drag Radials

2003 Honda S2000 : 11.010 @ 129.600
Richard Albans, Supercharger: TTS ROTREX Tires: MT STREET ET

2001 Honda S2000 : 11.311 @ 127.321
Shaun Robinson, Engine: 2.0, Turbos: 63mm Tires: potenza s02

2001 Honda S2000 GT30r Turbo: 11.712 @ 121.230
Will B, Engine: Stock F22c (2.2L), Turbos: Garrett GT3076r with .63 a/r Tires: Kumho Ecsta SPT, 235 Front, 275 Rear

2004 Honda S2000 : 11.919 @ 124.320
Carey Bales, Engine: InlinePRO fully built F22C, Turbos: Garett GT35R

2003 Honda S2000 Turbo: 12.100 @ 117.000
Jason Ruiz, Engine: 2.0 VTEC, Turbos: GT-35-61 Tires: YOKOHAMA AVID VS4

2002 Honda S2000 comptech supercharger: 12.230 @ 113.000
Nate Castro, Engine: f20c, Supercharger: comptech

2000 Honda S2000 AP1 Turbo: 12.931 @ 111.500
Sergio L, Engine: Stock, Turbos: Anclamotorsports Tires: Sumitomo 225

2002 Honda S2000 : 13.648 @ 100.490
Jon, Tires: Potenza S-02

2003 Honda S2000 Stock: 13.720 @ 99.000
Red Bull,

2002 Honda S2000 : 13.740 @ 100.280
Auriel Castro,

2002 Honda S2000 : 13.746 @ 100.280

2004 Honda S2000 Stock: 13.750 @ 100.120
arztime, Engine: Stock, Supercharger: Soon Turbos: No Tires: stock

2005 Honda S2000 : 13.759 @ 100.860
Franois Thberge, Engine: Stock, Tires: Nitto NT-01


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