Toyota Supra 97' single turbo

My 97' single turbo supra on the rollers in the high performance shop at the Wyotech campus in Bairsville pa. 53trim blown turbo put down 500hp running just off the waste gate this was our first pull before we eventually tuned it to 15psi and made about 556rwhp on 93oct. due to a bad o2 wideband sensor. 3.25l stroker motor from sound performance and race head with hks264's on both sides.

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The High Performance PowerTrains class at the Blairsville, PA campus. This video was taken in February 2009. If you have any questions about Wyotech just comment on the video or message me. Please Comment, Like, and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for watching! Check out my channel for other cool wyotech and automotive related videos!

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