rc pulse jet boat

How not to build and run a model pulsejet boat ,It crashed a lot,then melted.

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fastest model boat in the world. The final cut.wmv
204mph in 4 seconds the boat later crashed well over 250mph when it lost steering it stayed flat and true until it hit the bank.The eagle tree airflow speedo was destroyed so its final speed will never be known.

The pulsejet powered kayak (part 2)
Here's footage from the show where we ran the pulsejet-powered kayak down a runway and then raced it against an Olympic rower. Remember -- this *is* television, not real life (if you get my drift). Still, it was great fun and I quite enjoy doing pulsejet stuff like this for TV programs.

The pulsejet powered kayak (part 1)
EDIT: Part 2 is now online What happens when you strap a powerful valveless pulsejet engine to a kayak containing a 12-year-old? Well that was my latest assignment for television and here's some behind-the-scenes footage. I won't be able to upload any more until the program screens but watch and enjoy.

RC Pulse Jet Endurance Test 6
So happy with test runs I got a bit drunk by the time test 6 came on.Please excuse Dumb talk.Evan drunk this ER90 Pulse Jet is simple & safe to operate.In this final test run I put my other 50 lbs fish scales on.It got 17 lbs static with afterburner on .15 lbs without..I dont really trust these fish scales mind you.When a Middle reed snapped off thrust dropped a bit then I stopped it.All up that was 40 Minutes running time on 80% Petrol & 20% Diesel fuel.This Must be the best Daisy reed PJ Ever.Perfect for RC use & simpler to build than Argus reeds.