Top Secret Underground Arctic City in Greenland - Documentary

An exclusive look at the US Military's Arctic Research Base in the Arctic - A City Under the Ice - Camp Century. Subscribe for video updates: Join the club: Tags: US Military Greenland Arctic Research Base Top Secret Classified Construction Engineering City Under Ice Underground Bunker "Modern Marvels" "History Channel" "National Geographic" Unites States Reptilian Grey Gray Alien Aliens Nibiru Planet X Annunaki Watchers Nephilim Enuma Elish Antarctica Antarctic Apocalypse 2012 171717 brightenlightenment bright enlightenment Department of Defense PIN 26064 UNITED STATES ARMY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT - PROGRESS REPORT NUMBER SIX - CAMP CENTURY THIS IS THE STORY OF THE CONSTRUCTION OF CAMP CENTURY, GREENLAND'S CITY UNDER THE ICE. AFTER U.S. ARMY ENGINEERS SELECTED THE SITE IN MAY, 1959, NEEDED SUPPLIES WERE DELIVERED TO THE WORK CAMP IN A REMARKABLE LOGISTICAL OPERATION ACROSS THE ICECAP. CAMP CENTURY IS NOW AN ARCTIC RESEARCH CENTER. Producer: Department of Defense UNITED STATES ARMY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT - PROGRESS REPORT NUMBER SIX - CAMP CENTURY (1964) This film is in the public domain. This video is a work of the United States Federal Government prepared by federal government officers and/or employees as part of their official duties and is not copyrightable and is in the public domain and free to use for any purpose including commercial use.

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Nuuk - the largest city of Greenland [HD]
Nuuk, "The tip", is the capital and largest city of Greenland, and the seat of government for the Sermersooq municipality. It has a population of 15,469, making it one of the smallest capital cities in the world by population.

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Source: ts-capture-dramatic-footage-of--Arctic-glaciers-melting-in-hours.html

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What Scientists Are Seeing Over Greenland 4K
Why are scientists out flying over Greenland, drilling into its ice, and monitoring it from space? The answer is that they see it as a bellwether of future Earth. Scientists are sampling, drilling, and flying over this great island because they believe it may be a bellwether of future Earth. Greenland is two million square kilometers of land… 81% of which is covered by a giant central ice cap, the Inland Ice. Here is 2.8 million cubic kilometers of ice… layered and packed over the millennia. Its thickest points lie beneath two massive ridges… the northern at 3 kilometers thick, the southern at over 3.2 kilometers. The Inland Ice basin is framed by parallel mountain ranges. Its bedrock basement floor is down near sea level… depressed by the weight of the ice above it. If this ice sheet were to melt, the land beneath would be underwater, dotted with small islands. Over time, with the weight lifted, it would gradually rise. Today, the sheer mass of the Inland Ice exerts a gravitational pull on surrounding oceans. This pull raises sea levels all around the island. In the event of extreme melting, a recent study showed that sea levels would actually drop out to a distance of about 1000 kilometers. More distance shores, however, would experience an average global sea level rise of over 7 meters.