Inside a TURBO - Repair or Rebuild How to repair, rebuild a turbocharger. What's inside a turbo? In this video I disassemble the center-core of a TC06 turbocharger. I explain a few details about the various components, including turbine and Exhaust wheel, bearings and seals... This information is for demonstration/entertainment purposes only, I am not a qualified mechanic.

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How to Rebuild a Turbo Part 1 of 2 By clicking above link you can make a lots of money online.

VW 1.9t Diesel Turbo Rebuild
Gt15 GT17 GT19 GT20 GT22 GT25 turbo rebuild kit This rebuild kit fits Vw 1.9t Passat Jetta turbo diesel, it also fits some Mercedes turbo diesel turbos and the trask turbocharger for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

How Turbocharger Works
Another presentation from AutoTech Labs - The turbocharger.A device which uses the Exhaust gas energy to supply more air to the engine.The presentation takes you to a detailed explanation on how turbocharger component works with the engine.Watch,Learn and don't forget to rate and subscribe.Thanks..!!!

how to rebuild a used turbocharger
In this video I demonstrate the proper methods of cleaning and rebuilding a turbocharger . turbos are pretty simple to work on with basic tools and skills. More and more custom motorcycles and cars being customized with turbos and Superchargers, so it's good to have rebuilding experience for when they wear out and fail. Ichiban Tees and Hoodies: New Facebook Page: Twitter: @IchibanMoto1 Instagram: Send me mail! - whenever there is enough stuff in the mail bag to put together a subscriber mail reading and shout-out, I will put up a video for you guys! Thanks to those of you who already sent me letters and gifts ! Send me stuff to use in videos ! Yes- I actually do send stickers out to those who contribute bits, parts, stuff for my projects and pretty much everyone who I talk about or thank in my videos. If you want to send me bike stuff, things for potential use in videos or tools to review etc. (or even just cash donations ! ) mail them to me: Ichiban Moto PO Box 1362 Highland Park, IL 60035 USA Yes- you can just buy Ichiban Moto stickers - they are on ebay !