Inside a TURBO - Repair or Rebuild How to repair, rebuild a turbocharger. What's inside a turbo? In this video I disassemble the center-core of a TC06 turbocharger. I explain a few details about the various components, including turbine and Exhaust wheel, bearings and seals... This information is for demonstration/entertainment purposes only, I am not a qualified mechanic.

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EF Falcon - Actuator not locking door?
So the door locks fine with a key, however when relying on the locking actuator, the passenger side door does not lock, nor does it unlock. I have replaced the actuator, however the door continues to remain unlocked, regardless of the position of the actuator. WD40 has been applied to the locking mechanism, but there is a "click" during the locking action, which leads me to think there is an obstruction of some sort. Help/ideas appreciated. Thanks again.

Sharing is Caring - Sparrows feeding each other A group of sparrows sharing food, so sweet.

My Amazing Dream after Meditation
I've had my share of spectacular dreams after meditating, it's tapered off a bit just of late, but when I first got started in meditation, I certainly had some surreal dreams. One night I dreamed that I was parking my car in a high school car park, I could see there was a lot of activity around. I remember getting out of the car and looking up to the sky like everyone else was, there was an amazing feeling that we had all graduated/passed the test. This was the most incredible "knowing" of my life. Everyone around me were seemingly drawn toward a great light in the sky that was so brilliant and white, the clouds rolled back and I recall seeing the distant mountains also "roll back". My feeling was that the sky was opening, and everyone on earth knew it. I looked to my left, walking beside me was many people, animals and insects, we all communicated our knowing telepathically, we were effectively equal to each other in our experience, regardless of being human or some other creature. Flowers were more colourful than you could ever imagine and now that I type this I remember the joy coming from those plants was pure satisfaction for all of us. I soon awoke from the dream and the first thought was disappointment that I'd awoken from it. That dream felt more real than I've ever experienced life here, now that's a hard one to explain, but that's my dream. Have you had similar dreams? I'd like to hear about them in the comments.

HELP - Bent Valves? Ford Falcon EF 1996
Just picked up this station wagon for a few hundred bucks, apparently the last owner was defected doing burnouts, so I'm thinking perhaps the tapping sound could be related to that. Ford Falcon 1996 EF Station Wagon Contact me directly on my profile at I changed the oil and oil filter this morning as it had far too much oil in the sump and it was really old. So now looking to figure out this issue here, any help would be awesome!