New compact demo derby car for derby season 2011

I wanna thank my brother 09JrSmith for shootin the vid.Paid $40 dollars for this car the only thing wrong was the rear end got hit runs good.Im gonna run in the compact heat this season along and against my brother JR.. It outta be some fun driving against him. Got alot of work to do yet as well to my full size derby car. SUB, RATE, AND COMMENT... MORE VIDS TO BE COMING STAY TUNED GUYS...

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2014 Musgrave Harbour Demolition Derby - Small Car Heat
This is the 2014 Musgrave Harbour demolition derby featuring the compact cars.

new demo derby car pt cruser and a sunfire
two new cars added to our stock pile

How to DIG out a Demolition Derby CAR
Not only is Paul going to run his derby truck again this year.........he's adding a car in the mix as well. I've come to terms with the fact that if I ever want to see him again this summer I'll have to venture down to the shop. Welcome to DERBY SEASON!

Gander Demolition Derby - Big Car Heat
This is footage from the 2010 Gander Boy's and Girl's Club annual demolition derby featuring the big car round. Skip to 9:06 for the start of the heat.