New compact demo derby car for derby season 2011

I wanna thank my brother 09JrSmith for shootin the vid.Paid $40 dollars for this car the only thing wrong was the rear end got hit runs good.Im gonna run in the compact heat this season along and against my brother JR.. It outta be some fun driving against him. Got alot of work to do yet as well to my full size derby car. SUB, RATE, AND COMMENT... MORE VIDS TO BE COMING STAY TUNED GUYS...

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This is an was my final run I'm gonna retire from the sport I truly love I've had manys years of driving/building in this sport I've learned a lot most importantly I've learned never to give up until the car wont move anymore I have ran against some of the best in the state always having a blast I believe I gained respect from other drivers as I given respect I met a lot of great people made new friends hats off to everyone, wishing everyone the best of luck in the future seasons be safe drive smart guys, I will truly will miss derbying..

2011 compact demo derby car done
My compact car is done and Charles Ward is driving it he's a first time driver. Have a few more minor things to do.