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import drag racing

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DSPORT Classic: 2002 IDRC Rocky Mt. Nationals
Deep into the IDRC vault we uncovered this classic event from 2002. Watch drag racing stars Ari Yallon, David Buschur, John Shepard, Carlos Montano, Ron Lummus, Sav Leone, Erick Aguilar, and Shawn Geers battle it out in the high altitude of Bandimere Speedway.

All motor all aluminum 13bpp
First start up on all aluminum 13b

13bpp all aluminum walk around
More 13bpp fun

Race Day IDRC 2011
A Traditional just show races from opening day at IDRC 2011..I do not show times (for cars protection) & if your car is in the video & would not like it to be viewed Please let me know. Thanks