Is this real situation? Yes, this is real...(Korea vs China)

Korea vs China, Women's soccer game. This is real situation, not a comedy. Take a look at those Chinese player's dirty play! * White jersey : Korea Red jersey : China

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Shaolin Soccer (Japan vs China)
Shaolin Soccer (Japan vs China)

Chinese KungFu Soccer ! Long ver. Japan×china 日本×中国 後半まとめ
Japan(Blue) 1-0 China(Red) 2nd Half Highlight Feb.20 2008 EAFF Championship at Chongqing,China ・0:56 KungHu kick! Keeper clearly kicked player's body without any effort to avoid.Shoud be REDcard penalty. ・1:37 Chinese player's another KungHu kick. ・2:50 Japanese player wait referee's whistle to restart, but referee raise Yellow card for delaying game. ・6:20 Chinese audience yell at Japanese audience "Kill you,Bastard! Kill you!" ・6:57 North Korean LineJudge raise Offside flag. But clearly, it was not Offside. Despite of dirty play, China lost this game and chance to win this Championship.

North Korea disturbs a Japanese national anthem by booing.
I quoted this video from "ニコニコ動画". We cannot hear a Japanese national anthem by booing. The Japanese narrator said that "this is reality". This is North Korea. Are you believed? Please tell me your opinion.

10 player who ANTI FairPlay in football
Football players who did not respect the Fair Play