Is this real situation? Yes, this is real...(Korea vs China)

Korea vs China, Women's soccer game. This is real situation, not a comedy. Take a look at those Chinese player's dirty play! * White jersey : Korea Red jersey : China

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Chinese KungFu Soccer ! Long ver. Japan×china 日本×中国 後半まとめ
Japan(Blue) 1-0 China(Red) 2nd Half Highlight Feb.20 2008 EAFF Championship at Chongqing,China ・0:56 KungHu kick! Keeper clearly kicked player's body without any effort to avoid.Shoud be REDcard penalty. ・1:37 Chinese player's another KungHu kick. ・2:50 Japanese player wait referee's whistle to restart, but referee raise Yellow card for delaying game. ・6:20 Chinese audience yell at Japanese audience "Kill you,Bastard! Kill you!" ・6:57 North Korean LineJudge raise Offside flag. But clearly, it was not Offside. Despite of dirty play, China lost this game and chance to win this Championship.

Top 10 Famous Penalty Kicks ● Impossible To Forget
Football's Best Penalty Goals and Assists Ever featuring Panenka, Zinedine Zidane, Andrea Pirlo, Zaza, Neymar, the UEFA Champions League, the FIFA World Cup, Olympic. THANKS FOR WATCHING

Top 20 Unexpected Goals In Football
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Women's soccer fightings till 2013
Women's soccerfightings till 2013 ooh damn look at that lady soccer players!. First one Fighting between two girls - a player from the University of Oregon and the other player from Oklahoma State.Second one Elizabeth Lambert of the New Mexico soccer team. This includes hair pulling, back punching, elbows, kicks and other examples of dirty play. All incidents occurred during the same match. Third one Tensions flared on the pitch as the Oregon Ducks played against the Oklahoma Cowgirls. The two players who fought received red cards and were rejected.