48re Line pressure testing

Have no forward gears, testing line pressure.

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2006 Dodge 2500 48re Governor Pressure Test
2006 Dodge 2500 48re Governor Pressure Test.

TransGo Shift Kit 48re Full Run Line Pressure
After installing the TransGo shift kit on my 2007 Dodge Diesel, my 2-3 upshift seems excessively weak. This is a diagnostic run with a pressure gauge during full throttle from a dead stop. Note that the pressure at idle is 75psi. Please pardon the sun spot on the gauge-- the increments are 25psi.

How to Measure Transmission Line Pressure
In this video I demonstrate how to measure the line pressure inside of an automatic transmission

Testing Governor Pressure
How to test Governor Pressure on an Automatic Transmission. I'm using a Chrysler 42RE in a 1997 Dodge Dakota. What I do can be applied to any automatic transmission with an Electronic Governor.