A/C Troubleshooting(part 1)of 2

Saturn S-series A/C Troubleshooting(part 1)of 2

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A/C Troubleshooting(part 2)of 2
Saturn S-series A/C Troubleshooting(part 2)of 2

Auto Air Conditioning Systems at a Glance
Auto Air Conditioning Systems at a Glance LINKS: http://www.autodiagnosticsandpublishing.com/TransTS.html http://www.autodiagnosticsandpublishing.com/CBT_Auto_Traning.htm Automotive Air Conditioning came about in the 1940's. Since then, technologies such as computerized automatic temperature control, which allow you to set the desired temperature automatically, have added a great deal of complexity to today's modern air conditioning system. Also we now have tough environmental regulations that regulate all tasks, such as recharging the system with refrigerant, evacuating and charging the PAG oil needed by the compressor. Al this due to scientific studies, that have proven the damaging effects of refrigerant to our ozone layer. Today's automotive technician is required to be certified to purchase refrigerant, and repair your air conditioner. The shop must also incur the cost of purchasing expensive dedicated equipment that insures the capture of these ozone depleting chemicals. Basic knowledge of your air conditioning system is important, as this will allow you to make a more informed decision on your repair options. Modern air conditioning or HVAC systems are composed of the following, COMPRESSOR, CONDENSER, EVAPORATOR, ORIFICE TUBE, EXPANSION VALVE, RECEIVER DRIER, or ACCUMULATOR. If your car has an Orifice tube, it will not have ... Get the whole story right here in this video... Enjoy...

A/C Compressor Not blowing cold air , Clutch Engaging, A/C Recharge
A/C Compressor clutch engages shuts off in just a couple of seconds, Freon Charged to the max... A/C Compressor Out of a junkyard but looked recently installed. Have not changed the dryer... I know I should.. Need to see of there are any possilble small leaks i dont know about.. But A/C worked like a Glacier before the compressor blew... I dont think the compressor may be bad. But then again.. Does anyone know what to look for when taking apart compressors? Please help. Thank you !

How to Bypass A/C compressor for Car/Truck
How to Bypass A/C compressor for Car/Truck