A/C Troubleshooting(part 1)of 2

Saturn S-series A/C Troubleshooting(part 1)of 2

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A/C Troubleshooting(part 2)of 2
Saturn S-series A/C Troubleshooting(part 2)of 2

A/C Compressor Not blowing cold air , Clutch Engaging, A/C Recharge
A/C Compressor clutch engages shuts off in just a couple of seconds, Freon Charged to the max... A/C Compressor Out of a junkyard but looked recently installed. Have not changed the dryer... I know I should.. Need to see of there are any possilble small leaks i dont know about.. But A/C worked like a Glacier before the compressor blew... I dont think the compressor may be bad. But then again.. Does anyone know what to look for when taking apart compressors? Please help. Thank you !

A C Switches
A/C pressure switches are pretty straight forward. They are both, electrical switches and pressure transducers. Their purpose as electrical switches are to interrupt the circuit. There are many, many different arrangements that these switches can be configured in an electrical system. So, always be sure to review the diagram for the system you are working on.

A/C Compressor Test